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Girl, 11, fights classmate, dies hours later

Joanna Ramos

After getting her nose bloodied in a fight with another girl near their Southern California elementary school, 11-year-old Joanna Ramos told her mother on the way home she felt sick. Hours later, she was dead....


Child tells first lady her mother lacks 'papers'

First lady Michelle Obama faced a tough, personal immigration question from a Maryland second-grader Wednesday when she visited an elementary school with her Mexican counterpart, Margarita Zavala.


Gun Goes Off Inside Desk of 3rd Grader

Gun Goes Off Inside Desk of 3rd Grader

Fox Charlotte reports that a gun went off inside the desk of a third grader in Charlotte, N.C. It is unclear how the gun went off, but luckily, the bullet missed all 20 students in the classroom and only hit a wall.


Chinese man stabs children in kindergarten, 31 hurt

A knife-wielding man injured 28 children, two teachers and a security guard in a kindergarten in eastern China, state media reported on Thursday, the fourth such stabbing case in recent weeks.


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