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Facebook Added Website Comment Notifications to User Page

I just started noticing this recently. It’s a nice touch. Before, you would have to go into a specific comment moderation page to keep track of comments. Now, it’s all tied into your profile page, just like when someone likes or comments on your status updates.

Months ago, I converted my commenting system to Facebook’s. I had my reservations before. Most of it is that because it’s javascript based, the comments will not be crawled by Google. All Google sees is the javascript code, not the actual comments.


Facebook's IPO Will Value Company at Half of Google with a Tenth of Its Revenue

The LA Times reported that the world’s largest social network Facebook filed papers for its IPO today. Here are some stats from the article: “845 million users; 483 million daily users; annual revenue of $3.7 billion; $1.8 billion in operating income and $1 billion net income.”

It didn’t mention the number of users in the U.S. though, which is more important. Oversea traffic is cheaper and harder to monetize, even though that’s where most of Facebook’s growth is coming from.


Smartphone Keyboards: SlideIt Not as Fast or Intuitive as Swype


I used to have Swype on my HD2 when it was running Windows 6.5. It came with it. It’s the best smartphone keyboard I’ve used so far. If you don’t know, with Swype, instead of pressing on the letters on the keyboard for each word, you swipe on the letters that make up the word. Yeah, it sounds weird at first, but once you get used to it, you can’t live without it.


Google News Inclusion

MoviesWithButter on Google News

Because Binh, Popcorn, and I had been blogging for months for Movies With Butter (a.k.a. MWB), we decided to apply for inclusion in Google News. I tried applying for Wopular, but I didn’t make the cut because they don’t accept one man shops. With MWB, we have three and because of that, we made the cut.


Child-Proofing the Kindle Fire

Kid Playing with Kindle Fire

One of the great features of the Kindle Fire is that it's fully-integrated with's one-click payment system. Buying e-books, streaming movies, magazine or newspaper subscriptions, apps, or anything else on Amazon is just a convenient one-click process. That's nice, until your kids get their hands on it and goes on shopping spree in the appstore.

Here are two things I did with my Kindle Fire before handing it to my kids:



I Bought A Kindle Fire

Amazon Kindle Fire

I have no use for it myself. I'm already running Android on my HD2, which has a 4.3" screen. Getting a tablet for my use seems redundant to me.


Netflix "Just for Kids" Channel is Just What I'm Looking For

Netflix Just for Kids

Netflix’s streaming service is great for parents with toddlers. Sometimes, you just need something to distract them for a little bit - like when you need to crank out a blog entry quickly, or when you need to prepare breakfast.


Upgrading Firefox 3.6 to Firefox 8 Not As Painful As You Might Think

Upgrading Firefox 3.6 to Firefox 8 Not As Painful As You Might Think

I had resisted upgrading Mozilla’s Firefox 3.6 to Firefox 4 because I wasn't sure if all of my add-ons were available for the then newest release. Fast forward a year or two, and I'm five versions behind.

I finally took the plunge when Firefox 8 was released last week because I didn't want to fall too far behind. 3.6 was getting a little sluggish and was no longer the most widely used version of Firefox.


MGID Outage

I just noticed this morning that the MGID link exchange widget wasn't loading up on Wopular's subpages, so I temporarily disabled it. The widget was keeping those pages from fully rendering.


Just Noticed I Can Login to Multiple Google Accounts Now

I just noticed today that there's an option to sign in to multiple Google accounts. I have a personal Google account and a couple business accounts. Now, I don't have to sign off from one to use the other. There's an option to switch accounts next to your username at the top right corner. I mostly only use GMail and Google Docs. I wonder if they just launched that today, or I've just never noticed it. Anyway, it's awesome.