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Nobel prizewinner, IVF pioneer Robert Edwards dead

Robert Edwards

Robert Edwards, a Nobel prizewinner from Britain whose pioneering in vitro fertilization research led to the first test tube baby and has since brought millions of people into the world, died Wednesday at age 87....


Health roundup: IVF treatments linked to birth defects

In Vitro Fertilization

Babies born after in vitro fertilization have an increased risk of birth defects, the latest study shows.


Infertile after rape at age 8, she’s now miracle mom-to-be

Left infertile after being abducted and raped as an 8-year-old back in 1990, Jennifer Schuett despaired of ever having a normal life – and a baby of her own. Schuett’s fallopian tubes had become blocked as a result of an infection she caught from her rapist, and her only hope was very expensive in-vitro fertilization.


Vatican criticizes Nobel medicine choice

An official with the Vatican criticized the decision to award the Nobel prize for Medicine to British doctor Robert G.


Celine Dion Pregnant with Twins

She is 14 weeks along.
Celine Dion is about to have a double dose of joy. The French-Canadian singer announced this weekend that she and her husband, René Angelil, are pregnant with twin babies after multiple in vitro fertilization attempts.


Genetic parents of embryo felt ‘powerless’

Genetic parents of embryo felt ‘powerless’

In the next two weeks, Shannon and Paul Morell will meet their baby boy for the first time after the woman who was wrongly implanted with their frozen embryo gives birth. "This has been a terrible thing that has happened to two good families, but we’re doing the best we can for the health of this baby," Shannon Morell said.


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