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ArtsBeat: Biden Getting an Autobiography From The Onion (Whether He Wants It or Not)

The President of Vice

"The President of Vice," an e-book that will be released Friday at the Kindle Singles store of, offers a ponytail-wearing, Trans Am-washing version of the vice president familiar to readers of The Onion.


Book Buzz: Kennedy's 'Camelot,' Paula Broadwell's Petraeus bio

All In

Take a look at today's top news from the book world... They say that all publicity is good publicity, right? The Los Angeles Times tracks how sales of Paula Broadwell's biography of former CIA director David Petraeus, All In, have been rapidly rising.


Books of The Times: ‘Bruce,’ a Springsteen Biography, by Peter Ames Carlin

The special claim of “Bruce” is that Bruce Springsteen has cooperated with a biographer for the first time in a quarter-century.


THE NEW ‘BARACK OBAMA’ BOOK: Is he our geekiest president yet?

IN HIS BRAND-NEW biography “Barack Obama: The Story,” The Post’s David Maraniss deftly hops along the personal islands of the president’s formative years, from his days with laid-back Hawaiian classmates to his long insular hours in New York, and his soul-searching from Occidental to Illinois, and his looking backward to Kenya and Kansas. It is a sweeping multigenerational journey.


Book cites diary of Obama's ex-girlfriend

Barack Obama

A biography on Barack Obama that comes out next month includes journal entries from a former girlfriend at Columbia University.


'Steve Jobs' review: Walter Isaacson's biography mesmerizes

'Steve Jobs' review: Walter Isaacson's biography mesmerizes

Walter Isaacson weaves a full and often revealing tale that brings 'Steve Jobs' to life through interviews with the late Apple visionary and those in his inner circle. He was an abandoned child who grew up with the unshakable belief that he was destined to be a prince. How arrogant and sensible of him.


Rin Tin Tin — By Susan Orlean — Book Review

Rin Tin Tin — By Susan Orlean — Book Review

Do dogs deserve biographies? In “Rin Tin Tin: The Life and the Legend,” Susan Orlean answers that question resoundingly in the affirmative, while also asking a harder one: Can a dog deserve an Oscar? At the first Academy Awards, presented in 1929, the charismatic German shepherd who fought off gangs of villains in movies like “Clash of the Wolves” and “Jaws of Steel” won the vote count for best actor, but the Academy blinked, recalculated and gave the honor instead to Emil Jannings. Not that the public would have necessarily protested an Oscar for Rin Tin Tin.


Barack Obama’s father floated adoption plan with immigration official, says new bio

A new biography says Barack Obama’s father told an immigration official in 1961 he and his then-wife planned to give the future president up for adoption. Obviously it didn’t happen — and relatives said they never heard any such talk, writes Sally Jacobs, whose bio of Barack Obama Sr. is out next week.


Steve Jobs comic book 'biography' on the way

Steve Jobs comic book 'biography' on the way

Want to read a history of Apple CEO Steve Jobs with lots of pictures? Good news; there's a comic book on the way that will let you do just that.


"Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin" paints a scathing portrait

A biography of Sarah Palin by a former staffer depicts Palin as ill-prepared, immature, vindictive, and unethical. Palin's supporters say the tell-all biography by Frank Bailey is "fiction" created by a disgruntled former employee.


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