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Biden to Congress: 'Show courage' on gun control

As Congress inched closer to a vote on gun-control measures, Vice President Biden and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Thursday questioned lawmakers who have been hesitant to get behind their push for sweeping changes.


Biden’s office apologizes to student reporter for ‘unfortunate mistake’

The office of the vice president has apologized to a University of Maryland student after a member of Joe Biden’s staff confronted the college reporter and forced him to delete photos of an event.


Biden: 'You Don't Need 30 Rounds. Buy a Shotgun'

Vice President Joe Biden said people don’t need high-capacity weapons to protect themselves and that the Obama administration’s efforts to reduce gun violence amount to gun safety, not gun control.


Obama, Biden being sworn in for second term

Barack Obama & Joe Biden

On the cusp of his second term, President Barack Obama solemnly honored the nation's fallen soldiers Sunday before taking the oath of office in an intimate White House ceremony, a swearing-in ritual he will repeat 24 hours later before a massive crowd at the Capitol.


ArtsBeat: Biden Getting an Autobiography From The Onion (Whether He Wants It or Not)

The President of Vice

"The President of Vice," an e-book that will be released Friday at the Kindle Singles store of, offers a ponytail-wearing, Trans Am-washing version of the vice president familiar to readers of The Onion.


Biden delivers preview of White House pitch on gun policies

Vice President Joe Biden laid out the White House’s plan to prevent future gun violence before the U.S. Conference of Mayors on Thursday, saying the proposal “isn’t just about guns.”


Will new term be Biden's ticket to a presidency bid?

Joe Biden

Vice presidency has historically been a golden ticket to a presidential nomination. Will it work for Joe Biden in 2016?


Nielsen says 51.4 million watch VP debate

Paul Ryan debating Joe Biden wasn't quite the same television draw as Sarah Palin versus Biden was four years ago. An estimated 51.4 million people watched Ryan, the Republican challenger, debate Vice President Biden, a Democrat, on Thursday night, said Nielsen, the company that measures television audiences.


Vice Presidential Debate Ratings: 43 Million Viewers In Preliminary Figures

No surprise here: Joe Biden versus Paul Ryan isn't as popular as Joe Biden versus Sarah Palin. Preliminary ratings for Thursday's vice presidential debate showed that about 43 million people tuned in to watch the coverage across six networks -- ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News, MSNBC and CNN. (The numbers will be updated later to include viewing figures from other networks such as PBS and Fox Business Network.)


Debate analysis: Biden by a whisker

Vice President Joe Biden and U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan's 90-plus minute debate Thursday reflected the job they seek -- important but not critical, more like a first-round playoff game than the Super Bowl.


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