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Facebook blocks access to after reports site is infected

Facebook Inc has blocked users from accessing the website following reports that the site is infected with a computer virus.


'Red October' is latest super cyberspy virus, firm says

Red October

A Russian computer security firm says it has uncovered a new, far-ranging cyberspying campaign that targets government secrets. The firm malicious software behind the attack is nicknamed "Red October," a nod to the famous Tom Clancy novel.


Microsoft warns on new IE bug

Internet Explorer 9 Bug

Microsoft has rushed to issue a patch for a previously unseen bug affecting IE 9 and previous versions of its browser. The problem, which affects hundreds of millions of IE browser users, is being used by attackers to install the Poison Ivy trojan. This piece of malware is used to steal data or take remote control of PCs.


Report: US likely created computer viruses for espionage, warfare

Researchers have found evidence suggesting that the United States may have developed three previously unknown computer viruses for use in espionage operations or cyber warfare.


‘Alif the Unseen,’ by G. Willow Wilson

G. Willow Wilson’s marvelous first novel, “Alif the Unseen,” takes events similar to those of the Arab Spring, adds a runaway computer virus, an unconventional love story and the odd genie to create an intoxicating, politicized amalgam of science fiction and fantasy.


War drones keep flying despite computer virus

The U.S. government's unmanned Predator and Reaper drones are continuing to fly remote missions overseas despite a computer virus that has infected the plane's U.S.-based cockpits, according to one source familiar with the infection.


Hacker can disable your Apple laptop

Forget computer viruses and worms. What's maybe the worst thing a hacker could do to your laptop?


Malware attack specifically targets Mac users

It's not unusual for a new malware attack to pop up on the Internet every other moment, but the latest vicious bit of software floating around is particularly fascinating because it specifically targets Mac users.


Worm hits computers of staff at Iran nuclear plant

Worm hits computers of staff at Iran nuclear plant

Iran s official news agency says a complex computer worm has affected the personal computers of staff at the country s first nuclear power plant weeks before the facility is to go online.


Google Crowned "King of Malware"

Google has been crowned the 'king of malware' by security company Barracuda Networks, linking to twice as much malware as search rivals Bing, Yahoo and Twitter combined.

Senh: This would explain some of viruses I've been getting every so often by clicking on a link from Google's search results page. But in fairness to Google, they are by far the biggest search engine on the planet, and people do perform more than twice as many searches on Google than Bing, Yahoo, and Twitter combined.


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