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Facebook blocks access to after reports site is infected

Facebook Inc has blocked users from accessing the website following reports that the site is infected with a computer virus.


Bits Blog: Facebook Says Hackers Breached Its Computers

The attacks over the past month by sophisticated malware seemed to be similar to those recently directed at Twitter and other companies.


Creepy Android malware goes from phone to PC

Super Clean

A new and frightening form of Android malware travels from the phone to a PC, where it can then open files on a computer, as well as collect information from contacts and gather photos among other invasive actions.


Google Malware Detection Tool, Thanks for Ruining our Christmas and New Year's


A couple days ago, I was checking out film blogger and columnist Jeffrey Wells’ Hollywood Elsewhere and learned that his site was blocked by Google Chrome and Firefox because those browsers suspected his site contained malware. By that time, he had already gotten the problem fixed, but only after fretting over it for several hours during Christmas Eve.


Ransomware Is Expanding in the United States


Kidnappers used to make ransom notes with letters cut out of magazines. Now, notes simply pop up on your computer screen, except the hostage is your PC.


Microsoft warns on new IE bug

Internet Explorer 9 Bug

Microsoft has rushed to issue a patch for a previously unseen bug affecting IE 9 and previous versions of its browser. The problem, which affects hundreds of millions of IE browser users, is being used by attackers to install the Poison Ivy trojan. This piece of malware is used to steal data or take remote control of PCs.


FBI warns of online scheme supposedly from FBI

The FBI issued a warning Thursday about a new malware scheme that is meant to deceive and frighten computer users into thinking it's from the law enforcement agency itself. Worse, the malware also tries to immediately extort users into paying a fine online and it can lock your computer


'Internet doomsday' impact minimal, service providers say

Internet Doomsday

Hours after "Internet doomsday" kicked in, major service providers say almost all customers have avoided the shut-off of their Internet service, although there are some who will not be able to read this story online, unless it's on their smartphones. "Less than 1 percent of Cox customers are infected with the virus," Todd C. Smith, Cox Communications director of media relations told "Since midnight last night, when the FBI (via the Internet Services Coalition) disconnected the servers associated with this botnet, we've only received a miniscule number of calls, but our customer care and security assurance teams are standing by and are ready to help," Charlie Douglas, Comcast senior director of corporate communications, told


Malware warning issued to Internet users by local officials


The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department was one of many law enforcement agencies nationwide warning Internet users about malware that threatened to knock about 64,000 Americans offline Monday.


Apple pulls Russian malware from iOS App Store

Hours after it was highlighted by a security firm, Russian-language malware on the iOS App Store was removed by Apple and is no longer available for download. Apple confirmed on Thursday to Jim Dalrymple of The Loop that it removed the malware, an application named "Find and Call," once it was alerted to its presence on the App Store. The company said the software was pulled for violating App Store guidelines by accessing a user's Address Book data without authorization.


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