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FCC moving forward on speedier in-flight Internet service

United Airlines

U.S. federal telecommunications regulators are pushing ahead with efforts to bring faster Internet service to commercial and private airline flights. The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday started deliberations on a proposal that would offer a new type of in-flight broadband service promising U.S. fliers higher Wi-Fi speeds and better connections.


FCC bans excessively loud TV commercials

Say goodbye to one of the greatest irritants of modern life: television commercials that are MUCH LOUDER THAN THE SHOW YOU ARE WATCHING!


FCC may auction TV airwaves to wireless carriers

TV Airwaves

The Federal Communications Commission will propose on Friday a plan to auction off television airwaves to wireless carriers that will use them to create faster and more reliable networks, according to an official familiar with the plans.


U.S. court rules against FCC in TV profanity, nudity cases

The Supreme Court on Thursday ruled against a government crackdown on broadcast profanity and nudity, saying the Federal Communications Commission had not given fair notice of its policy change in three high-profile incidents.


FCC: Cable operators can stop providing analog signals of local TV


In a move that has upset the broadcast industry, the Federal Communications Commission said it will let lapse a rule that required cable operators to carry local television signals in analog.


FCC fines Google for hindering probe into street-mapping program


The agency imposes a $25,000 penalty after the tech giant 'apparently willfully and repeatedly violated commission orders' during its data-collection investigation into Google Street View.


Anonymous hacks US sites to protest treaty

Cyber rebels from Anonymous announced Friday the group has carried out a new series of attacks against U.S. government websites to protest a global copyright treaty. Anonymous said in a statement posted to the Internet that it had attacked websites for the Federal Trade Commission's consumer protection business center and the National Consumer Protection Week.


Verizon ditches $2 fee after customer uproar


Verizon Wireless has reversed its decision to charge a $2 fee for telephone and online bill payments, bowing to a storm of criticism from consumers and the U.S. communications regulator.

Senh: Now that Verizon has reversed their decision, I guess this is a moot point.


F.C.C. Seeks Review of AT&T Merger With T-Mobile

The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission will request an administrative hearing on the proposed $39 billion acquisition... The decision by the chairman, Julius Genachowski, puts a second large roadblock in front of AT&T, the nation’s second-largest wireless phone company, in its effort to buy T-Mobile, the No. 4 carrier. In August, the Justice Department filed a federal antitrust lawsuit to block the merger, saying it would stifle competition.


Senate rejects attempt to overturn FCC's net neutrality rules

The Senate on Thursday voted to keep in place the Federal Communications Commission's controversial rules aimed at preserving open Internet access... The Democratic controlled FCC voted 3-2 along party lines in December to adopt regulations that prohibit telecommunications companies from favoring their online services over those of competitors. The rules, which apply to wired and wireless services, forbid companies from blocking access by their customers to any legal content, applications or services.

Senh: I generally agree with net neutrality, especially with the examples mentioned in the article. ISP's shouldn't be allowed to regulate which sites their users can visit. As long as this doesn't mean that Google must dismantle their algorithm to give every website the same rankings on its search results, I'm good.


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