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China's Wen offers to buy Greek debt

China offered on Saturday to buy Greek government bonds when Athens resumes issuing, in a show of support for the country whose debt burden pushed the euro zone into crisis and required an international bailout.

Senh: China's buying all this debt. What are they gonna do with them?


Greece’s Debt-Ridden Rail System Adds to Economic Breakdown

The state-owned railway loses about $3.8 million a day, prompting a search for solutions: maybe a foreign investor or a complete overhaul.


Greece’s tourism industry under threat

Road closures, strikes and blockades have horrified people in Greece's vital tourism industry as it struggles to emerge from a vicious debt crisis that brought it to the brink of bankruptcy.


Moody's Downgrades Greek Debt to Junk

Moody's Investors Service downgraded Greek debt by four notches to junk status. It follows Standard & Poor's, which put the debt-laden country in the speculative-grade camp almost seven weeks ago.


Wall Street surges on European rescue plan

European leaders agree to a nearly $1 trillion rescue plan to avoid a major debt crisis; Federal Reserve says it will also provide loans overseas.


EU strikes $670 billion crisis deal

EU strikes $670 billion crisis deal

The European Union agreed on a 500 billion-euro ($670 billion) emergency fund in the early hours of Monday to protect highly indebted eurozone countries from the "wolfpack" of financial markets.


IMF approves $40B loan for Greece

The International Monetary Fund on Sunday approved a 30 billion euro ($38.6 billion) loan for Greece as part of a larger European Union-led effort to help ease the country's economic crisis.


Euro zone agrees emergency steps to contain crisis

Euro zone agrees emergency steps to contain crisis

Euro zone leaders decided on Friday they have special measures ready before financial markets open on Monday to prevent financial turmoil in Greece spreading to other countries such as Spain and Portugal.


Germany tackles Greek debt

Both houses of Parliament approve unpopular financial plan to save Greece from bankruptcy.


Dow plunges 800-plus points, then pulls back

Stocks are plunging as investors give in to fears that Greece's debt problems will spread and halt the global economic recovery.


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