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Nearly 3 dozen homes evacuated in Wash. landslide

Landslide - NBC News

Geologists and engineers are assessing the stability of a scenic Puget Sound area after a large landside thundered down a hillside, knocking one house off its foundation and threatening others.

In this aerial photo, a landslide is shown near Coupeville, Wash.


Saturn Moon Has Ice Avalanches

Long landslides spotted on Saturn's moon, Iapetus, could help provide clues to similar movements of material on Earth. Scientists studying the icy satellite have determined that flash heating could cause falling ice to travel 10 to 15 times farther than previously expected on Iapetus.


At least 99 killed in floods in south Russia

Russian Floods

MOSCOW (Reuters) - At least 99 people were killed in floods and landslides in southern Russia after two months' average rainfall fell in a few hours overnight, police and emergency officials said on Saturday.


Afghan official: Up to 50 killed in earthquake

As many as 50 people are feared entombed under tons of rock and stone that buried a village in a landslide after two earthquakes in northern Afghanistan, authorities said Tuesday....


South Korea landslides leave 17 dead, 3 missing

Heavy rain sent landslides barreling through South Korea, killing 17 and leaving at least three missing, officials said.


Landslide buries 20 boys at Malaysian orphanage

A landslide buried 20 boys and four adults at a Malaysian orphanage Saturday where scores of rescuers were digging by their hands in soil softened by the rains to find the missing, police said.


Hopes Fade for 21 Buried in Philippine Landslide

Filipino rescuers who dug by hand to save people buried by a landslide were losing hope of finding 21 still missing in the disaster that killed at least three people in a remote gold mining village, officials said Saturday.


Hundreds feared dead in Mexico landslide

Hundreds feared dead in Mexico landslide

Hundreds of people were buried in their homes early Tuesday after a rain-soaked mountainside gave way in southwestern Mexico, officials said.


Taiwan hit by strong typhoon heading next to China

Taiwan hit by strong typhoon heading next to China

A powerful typhoon made a direct hit on Taiwan on Sunday, sending residents scurrying for cover and rescue crews rushing to evacuate people in mountainous regions vulnerable to landslides.


Mudslide death toll in China hits 1,407

The death toll from the mudslides in a northwestern Chinese province now stands at 1,407, state-run Xinhua news agency said Friday, citing the government.


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