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First Amendment doesn't apply here: N.C. lawmakers push bill for state religion

Republican lawmakers in North Carolina have introduced a bill declaring that the state has the power to establish an official religion — a direct challenge to the First Amendment. One professor of politics called the measure “the verge of being neo-secessionist,” and another said it was reminiscent of how Southern states objected to the Supreme Court’s 1954 integration of public schools.


Lawmakers who proposed gun laws face threats

Darrell Steinberg

Legislative debates over gun rights, up significantly since the mass shooting in Newtown, Conn., have spurred alleged death threats resulting in two high-profile arrests and causing lawmakers in one state to declare their legislature was under attack.


Lawmakers look to crack down on online puppy sales

Online Puppy Sales

Citing inhumane and unsanitary practices, lawmakers want to regulate online pet sales. The current law allows breeders who sell puppies online to escape all health and safety requirements.


Lawmakers Look at Ban on High Capacity Gun Magazines

Lawmakers in both parties view an assault weapons ban as politically toxic, but many seem more amenable to restricting the kinds of high-capacity magazines used in recent rampages.


Senior Democrat says Senate will finally pass a budget this year

A senior lawmaker said on Sunday that he and fellow Senate Democrats, for the first time more than in three years, intend to meet Republican demands to finally pass a U.S. budget.


Fists fly in Ukraine's parliament

A fight erupted on the floor of Ukraine's parliament amid accusations over absentee voting and changing political views.


Jesse Jackson Jr.'s Wife Calls Congressman's Depression 'Debilitating'

Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. is suffering from debilitating depression and even collapsed at his home in Washington two months ago, his wife said in an interview published Saturday that revealed new details about his secretive leave of absence.


Congress breaks for 5 weeks, but much work undone

John Boehner

Congress' performance matches its approval rating - abysmal. Lawmakers headed home for a five-week break with a lengthy list of uncompleted work and little to show for the past year and a half except an eye-popping amount of dissatisfaction: Nearly 80 percent of Americans are unhappy with them. The Republican-controlled House and Democratic-led Senate have set record lows for production and record highs for dysfunction.


Romney's CEO style rankled Mass. lawmakers

What worked for Mitt Romney in the corporate boardroom didn't fly in the more raucous corridors of the Massachusetts Legislature....


Congress grapples with evolution from paper to mobile money


As technology enables smartphones to function like cash, lawmakers seek answers to questions about competing systems for mobile payments and their security and privacy. When Abraham Lincoln allowed the Treasury to print money for the first time in the depths of the Civil War, it was a major innovation born of a pressing reality.


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