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Trains carrying more oil across US amid boom

Energy companies behind the oil boom on the Northern Plains are increasingly turning to an industrial-age workhorse - the locomotive - to move their crude to refineries across the U.S., as plans for new pipelines stall and existing lines can't keep up with demand.


Texas judge halts TransCanada oil pipeline

"They lied to the American people," Bishop said. Texas County Court at Law Judge Jack Sinz signed a temporary restraining order and injunction Friday, saying there was sufficient cause to halt work until a hearing Dec. 19. The two-week injunction went into effect Tuesday after Bishop posted bond. David Dodson, a spokesman for TransCanada, said courts have already ruled that tar sands are a form of crude oil. He said the injunction will not delay the project.


UAE opens new oil pipeline route

The United Arab Emirates opens and begins operating a key overland pipeline which bypasses the Strait of Hormuz, controlled by Iran. Iran has repeatedly threatened to close the strait at the mouth of the Gulf, a vital oil-trade route.


Official: White House to nix US-Canada pipeline

A senior Obama administration official says the White House will reject a Canadian company's plan to build an oil pipeline from Canada to Texas.


Fact check: GOP national security debate

Fact check: GOP national security debate

Misstatements were found about an oil pipeline, presidential contacts with Iran and cuts to the defense budget... The latest GOP debate was thin on memorable moments or major factual bloopers, but we do have some leftover claims to dispute before we shut down for the Thanksgiving holiday. We wouldn't want anybody's turkey dinner to be spoiled by worries that terrorists have come over the border with Mexico, for example. We also found misstatements about an oil pipeline, presidential contacts with Iran and cuts to the defense budget.


Md. Sen. Pinsky arrested in pipeline protest outside White House

Maryland state Sen. Paul Pinsky (D-Prince George’s) made good Friday on plans to be arrested in front of the White House where he was among an estimated 166 people locked up as part of a demonstration of civil disobedience against a planned oil pipeline.


Oil pipeline blast kills 14 in Mexico

Oil pipeline blast kills 14 in Mexico

At least 14 people were killed and 33 injured after an oil pipeline exploded Sunday morning in central Mexico, officials said.


Russia checks $4bn pipeline theft

Russia is checking papers that suggest some $4bn (£2.5bn) of state funds was stolen during the building of a big oil pipeline.


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