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AP writers pick 'Argo' for Oscar best picture

Surprises and snubs on nominations day held the promise of an unpredictable Academy Awards night. But things have settled into the usual predictability, with clear favorites emerging in key categories....


Social Media Predicts the Oscars: It's 'Argo'! No, Wait, Maybe It's 'Les Miz'!


...Two different firms that study social media sentiment, Taykey and General Sentiment, have issued Oscar predictions based on what people are saying on Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms. They arrived at totally different conclusions.


Harvard Sophomore Uses Math to Predict Oscar Winners

Academy Awards

Using formulas he says are derived from "only math and 15 years of data, no personal hunches," a college student named Ben Zauzmer is taking a Nate Silver-like approach to predicting the Oscar winners -- and he says last year, his model proved 100 percent effective at determining who'd take home trophies in all eight of the major categories.


Oscar 2012 Predictions: 'The Artist' Will Beat Out 'Hugo' to Win Best Picture

The Artist

The Oscar telecast is this Sunday on ABC, so I'll throw out my projections on who will be heading to the Governor's Ball with a statue in hand. Since the majority of the winners have already been announced in other industry awards, it makes my job that much easier.


Twitter is Predicting a 'Midnight in Paris' Upset at the Oscars

Midnight in Paris

A study of Twitter sentiment shows a high level of love for Woody Allen's latest movie.


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