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CourseSmart E-Textbooks Track Students’ Progress for Teachers

CourseSmart - NY Times

Educators from nine universities are testing technology from a Silicon Valley start-up, CourseSmart, that allows them to track their students’ progress with digital textbooks.


Video: Professor strips, confusing class

A Columbia University professor gave memorable, yet unorthodox, lecture to his quantum mechanics students.


Harvard Sophomore Uses Math to Predict Oscar Winners

Academy Awards

Using formulas he says are derived from "only math and 15 years of data, no personal hunches," a college student named Ben Zauzmer is taking a Nate Silver-like approach to predicting the Oscar winners -- and he says last year, his model proved 100 percent effective at determining who'd take home trophies in all eight of the major categories.


Man Charged in Shooting at College in Houston

Carlton Berry, 22, was charged with aggravated assault in the shooting at Lone Star College, which left four people hospitalized.


Colleges face pressure to reveal grads' earnings


Efforts to disclose college degrees' earnings potential are picking up steam, holding higher education directly accountable for return on investments by families and taxpayers.


Over 80 dead in two rocket explosions at Aleppo University as students take exams

At least 82 people have been killed and more than 160 injured in two rocket explosions at the University of Aleppo in Syria’s largest city on Tuesday, city officials reported.


Anonymous hacks MIT in honor of Aaron Swartz

Anonymous added its tribute to the many online memorials honoring Aaron Swartz, hacking into and temporarily taking over the MIT website to eulogize the programmer and Internet activist and call for computer crime law reform.


Drug companies forge partnerships with top schools

In their quest for the next big drug discovery, pharmaceutical companies are increasingly teaming up with some of the nation's top universities, recruiting campus scientists as partners and offering schools multimillion-dollar deals to work on experimental drugs in development.


In college, two is sometimes worth more than four

College Degrees

Want a solid, middle-class salary straight out of college? Skip the last two years. A site that analyzes state-level data of how much people earn a year after graduating college found some counterintuitive results: Certain students who earn associate’s degrees can get higher salaries than graduates of four-year programs —sometimes thousands of dollars more.


Liberal arts colleges forced to evolve with market

They're the places you think of when you think of "college" - leafy campuses, small classes, small towns. Liberal arts colleges are where students ponder life's big questions, and learn to think en route to successful careers and richer lives, if not always to the best-paying first jobs....


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