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Will The Post be about news or opinion?

The Washington Post

“People use different media for different purposes.” First they go to television and news sites like The Post and the New York Times for information. “Then they go to the talk shows for their polarization.”

Senh: That sounds about right. It explains why although CNN is the top news site on the web, it's behind both Fox News and MSNBC on TV.


Jeb Bush Takes Aim at Fellow Republicans

Jeb Bush

Former Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida said his father, George Bush, and Ronald Reagan would find themselves out of step with today’s Republican Party because of its strict adherence to ideology and the intensity of modern partisan warfare.

Senh: I'm glad someone in the Republican Party's calling the party out. Good for you Jeb. Now say it to John Boehner's face. Then you can run for president in 2016.


House rejects payroll tax stopgap

John Boehner: Payroll Tax Cuts

Republicans in the House on Tuesday rejected the Senate's two-month extension of an expiring payroll tax cut, and moved toward initiating formal talks with Democrats on a final deal.


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