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U.S. Foreign Arms Sales Reach $66.3 Billion in 2011

The huge number, triple that of 2010, was largely driven by sales to Persian Gulf nations looking to shore up their defenses against Iran.


Iran warns U.S. to keep aircraft carrier out of Gulf

U.S. Aircraft Carrier

Iran warned the United States Tuesday not to return a U.S. aircraft carrier "to the Persian Gulf region." U.S. officials rejected the "warning" and another recent threat from Tehran that it could close the Strait of Hormuz. The White House and U.S. State Department called the latest threats signs that sanctions against Iran, the result of a standoff over its nuclear activities, are working.

Senh: It seems like Iran's always making empty threats towards U.S. and the rest of world who are against its nuclear ambitions. None of it is ever acted upon though - at least within the last couple of years. I guess it's good that there's no action in their end.


Iran: 'Western spy planes' downed

Iran: 'Western spy planes' downed

Iran said Sunday it had shot down what it described as two Western spy planes over the Persian Gulf, according to Iranian media reports.


Iran's Expansion of Uranium Stockpile Adds to `Urgency' of UN Inspectors

Iran's Expansion of Uranium Stockpile Adds to `Urgency' of UN Inspectors

Iran increased its uranium stockpile while failing to boost cooperation with United Nations inspectors probing whether the Persian Gulf country is trying to build nuclear weapons, the International ...


US Navy plane crashes in Arabian Sea

A U.S. Navy aircraft crashed in the Persian Gulf region on Wednesday and one of the four crew members is still missing, the military said in a statement....


Korea Inks $20.4 Billion U.A.E. Nuclear Deal

Korea Inks $20.4 Billion U.A.E. Nuclear Deal

A Korean-led consortium won a landmark contract, valued at around $20.4 billion, to build four nuclear reactors in the U.A.E., in what officials in this Persian Gulf country have said is the region's largest-ever energy deal.


Remains of U.S. pilot found in Iraq after 18 years

The remains of the first American lost in the Persian Gulf War have been found in Iraq, the military said Sunday, after struggling ...


Gates seeking to reassure Gulf allies on outreach to Iran

Defense Secretary Robert Gates is on a delicate mission, seeking to reassure long-term U.S. allies in the Persian Gulf region ...


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