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Engine Trouble Reported in Nigerian Crash

A Nigerian airliner that crashed in Lagos, killing all 153 on board, reported engine trouble just before it went down.


Plane crashes in Nigeria, all 153 aboard dead

Plane Crash in Nigeria

An aviation official says that all passengers on board the plane that crashed in Nigeria's largest city have been killed. Nigeria's Civil Aviation Authority Harold Denuren confirmed that all the passengers on Sunday's Dana Air flight died. He did not say how many were on the flight. However, the Lagos state government said in a statement that 153 people were on the flight going from Abuja to Lagos.


Cargo jet hits bus in Ghana, at least 10 dead

A cargo jet slammed into a minibus at Ghana's Accra airport on Saturday after overshooting the runway on landing, killing at least 10 people, according to a Reuters witness and an aviation official.


'Black box' found of Russia jet in Indonesia crash

Black Box of Russian Airplane

Indonesian special forces have found the cockpit voice recorder from a Russian passenger jet that smashed into the side of a volcano, killing 45 people.


Plane with 21 people on board crashes in Nepal

A plane carrying 21 people crashed Monday while trying to land at a mountain airstrip in Nepal's northern Himalayas, killing at least nine, authorities said. Eight survivors in critical condition were flown by helicopter to a hospital.


Russian plane wreckage found in Indonesia

Missing Russian Passenger Airliner

The wreckage of a Russian passenger airliner that went missing during a demonstration flight over Indonesia has been located in a mountainous area, officials said Thursday.


Airliner carrying 131 crashes in Pakistan: air official

Pakistani Airline Crash

A Pakistani airliner with 131 people on board crashed in bad weather near Islamabad's international airport on Friday, a civil aviation official said.


Navy jet crash: All safe after a Navy jet crashes into apartment complex

Navy Jet Crash

The three people listed Friday night as missing from the apartment complex where a U.S. Navy jet fighter crashed have been located and are safe, emergency officials said Saturday morning.


Navy jet crashes into apartments in Virginia

Jet Crash

Flames and black smoke poured from the apartments near Virginia Beach. The crew of the F/A-18 ejected, but their condition isn't known, the Navy says.


Wife, 80, lands plane for dying husband

Airplane Crash

The pilot who helped an 80-year-old woman land a twin-engine plane after her husband apparently died while flying the plane on Monday is among Door County officials who will talk about the incident this afternoon.


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