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'Oldest' cheese evidence found

Milk residues are found on 7,500-year-old pottery cheese-making vessels in Poland.


Polish police clash with protesters on national holiday

Riot police in the Polish capital used truncheons on Sunday to break up a crowd of right-wing extremists pelting them with firecrackers and lumps of concrete after a parade to mark the national holiday turned violent.


War-time allies hushed up Katyn massacre of Poles: documents

Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill hushed up evidence the Soviet secret police had killed thousands of Polish men in the Katyn forest in 1940 for fear of alienating World War Two ally Josef Stalin, newly-declassified documents show.


Romney gaffes contrast with Obama in '08

The British were offended, the Palestinians accused him of racism and even in friendlier Poland, Mitt Romney's union policies drew criticism from the current leaders of the movement that toppled communism... "The designated Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney wanted to demonstrate foreign policy expertise and diplomatic skills with his trip to Britain, Israel and Poland," the Swiss newspaper Tages-Zeitung said Tuesday. "Today, on the last day of the tour, he must be made to admit that he clearly missed this target."


Romney chides Russia on last leg of bumpy foreign tour

U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney held up Poland's transition from Communism to democracy as an example for the rest of the world while saying on Tuesday that Russia had faltered on the path to freedom.

Senh: So much for Mitt Romney's attacks on Barack Obama's foreign policy. The guy ends up pissing off at least half of the countries involved in his trip.


Aide blows cool before Poland speech

Mitt Romney

One of Romney's aides, Rick Gorka, had an exchange with reporters who tried to ask the likely GOP nominee questions about missteps during the trip. Gorka told reporters to "show some respect" at the Polish holy site, and also said "kiss my ass" and "shove it." Politico reports he later called reporters to apologize.


Polish Solidarity distances itself from Romney visit

Solidarity, the trade union movement which led the Polish struggle against communist rule, distanced itself on Monday from a visit to Poland by U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney, saying he supported attacks on unions in his own country.


Turkey, Poland to Get IMF Seats

Turkey and Poland will for the first time hold seats on the International Monetary Fund's executive board under a political agreement reached in recent weeks.


Poland welcomes Obama letter on "death camp" error

Barack Obama

Poland's President Bronislaw Komorowski welcomed a letter from Barack Obama on Friday in which the U.S. leader expressed regret for upsetting Poles earlier this week by referring to a "Polish death camp".


'Death camp' words trouble for Obama

The Polish prime minister on Wednesday reacted strongly to what the White House said was a mistake by President Barack Obama during Tuesday's Medal of Freedom ceremony.


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