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Cops: NY man cut ankle bracelet before brutal slay of mom, rape of 10-year-old girl

Probation officials are investigating how a man charged with possessing child pornography managed to cut off his electronic monitoring bracelet before carjacking a woman at a mall, fatally stabbing her and raping her 10-year-old-daughter, authorities said.


L.A. sees parks as a weapon against sex offenders

Using restrictions under state law, officials are building a small park in Harbor Gateway to force 33 offenders to move out of a nearby apartment building.


Paedophile seeks Facebook damages

A convicted sex offender seeks damages from Facebook over a page set up to monitor paedophiles in Northern Ireland.


New York Times Dragged Into BBC Sex Abuse Scandal Through New CEO Mark Thompson

The child abuse scandal that has enveloped one of Britain's most respected news organizations is now hitting one of America's, as the incoming president of The New York Times is on the defensive about his final days as head of the BBC. Mark Thompson was in charge of the BBC in late 2011 when the broadcaster shelved what would have been a bombshell investigation alleging that the late Jimmy Savile, one of its biggest stars, was a serial sex offender.


How do sexual abusers cover their tracks?

How do sexual abusers cover their tracks? ... "We have a culture which used to want children to be seen and not heard," says Wilson, who once ran the sex offenders unit at HMP Grendon and has conducted extensive research into both victims and perpetrators. "Lately we've been more tolerant of children speaking but we don't always listen to them."

Senh: Sounds like the best a parent can do is talk with their kids ... constantly. Make sure there is open communication.


Sandusky to be sentenced after October 9 predator hearing

Jerry Sandusky

Convicted child sex offender Jerry Sandusky will face sentencing immediately after an October 9 hearing to determine if the former Penn State football coach is a sexually violent predator, a judge said on Monday.


Parents' Facebook sting helps catch sex offender

A registered sex offender has been arrested after the mother of the girl he was dating set up a Facebook sting.


Report: Suspect in 3 slayings plunges to his death

A registered sex offender suspected of killing his mother, stepfather and girlfriend climbed a Mississippi cellphone tower before plunging about 300 feet to his death, according to a report.


'Austin Powers' actor allegedly kills sex offender in prison

An "Austin Powers" actor convicted of torturing a woman in Orange County is suspected of killing his cellmate in a Central Valley prison, authorities said Tuesday. to Screen Users in Sex Offender Registry to Screen Users in Sex Offender Registry

Singles website said Sunday that it will begin screening its users against the national sex offender registry after a woman filed a lawsuit against the company saying she had been assaulted by someone she met through the popular dating service.


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