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Syrian rebels claim they staged bombing that killed defense minister and his deputy

Syrian Uprising

Syrian state television said Wednesday that a bombing in Damascus killed Defense Minister Daoud Rajha and his deputy, Asef Shawkat, who was the brother-in-law and close confidante of President Bashar al-Assad.


NATO: 13 troops killed in Afghan suicide bombing

NATO says 13 service members have been killed in a suicide car bombing in Kabul.


Nigeria: UN blast death toll rises to 23

The death toll from a suicide car-bomb attack at the U.N.'s Nigeria headquarters has risen to 23, a U.N. spokesman said Sunday, making Friday's attack one of the deadliest attacks on the U.N. in a decade.


Triple Suicide Bomb Attack Kills 27 in Iraq

Triple Suicide Bomb Attack Kills 27 in Iraq

Iraqi police say at least 31 people were killed and some 48 others wounded in three suicide bomb attacks in the northern city of Baquba Wednesday.


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