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53 killed, 90 wounded in attack on Afghan compound

At least 53 people were killed and 90 others wounded Wednesday in an insurgent attack on an Afghanistan governor's compound where Taliban fighters were facing trial, local officials said. Nine insurgents with explosives strapped to their bodies stormed the compound in Farah province, bordering Iran, Reuters reported.


Taliban suicide bombers hit U.S.-Afghan air base, killing 5 Afghans

A squad of nine suicide bombers attacked a major U.S.-Afghan air base in the eastern city of Jalalabad just after dawn Sunday, exploding bombs at the front gate and sparking a lengthy firefight with both Afghan and NATO forces inside.


Groups: 269 killed in two days of Syria carnage

Syria: Suicide Bombers

An Islamist suicide car bomber killed at least 50 Syrian security men on Monday, an opposition group said, in one of the bloodiest single attacks on President Bashar Assad's forces. It came a day after Syrian government forces killed 179 people, said the Syrian Network for Human Rights, an activist monitoring group.


Suicide bomber kills 22, wounds 40 at Afghan wedding

Suicide Bomber

A suicide bomber blew himself up at a wedding reception in northern Afghanistan on Saturday, killing at least 22 people including a prominent politician, and wounding 40 others, police said.


Al-Qaeda linked suicide bomber kills 90 in Yemen

A suicide bomber with explosives strapped under his uniform killed more than 90 people at a military parade rehearsal in the Yemeni capital Sanaa on Monday, an attack which will alarm Washington as its involvement in the front-line state deepens.


Report: Al-Qaida doctors trained to implant bombs in humans

Western intelligence agencies believe that al-Qaida doctors have been trained to implant bombs inside the bodies of suicide bombers, Britain's Sunday Times reported.


Twin suicide car bombings in southern Iraqi city kill 22 near government compound

Suicide bombers detonated two explosives-laden vehicles early Tuesday near a government compound south of Baghdad, killing at least 22 people and wounding dozens, Iraqi officials said. The attacks come as Iraq’s top political factions started to discuss in earnest whether to ask some of the U.S. troops to stay beyond the Dec. 31 withdrawal deadline because of the security situation.


Pakistan Suicide Bombs Kill 80 to Avenge Bin Laden

Pakistan Suicide Bombs Kill 80 to Avenge Bin Laden

Two suicide bombers attacked paramilitary police recruits heading home after months of training in this country's northwest, killing 80 people Friday in what the Pakistani Taliban called vengeance for the U.S. slaying of Osama bin Laden.


31 killed, 130 injured in terror blast at Moscow airport

31 killed, 130 injured in terror blast at Moscow airport

A terrorist suicide bomber is blamed for the Moscow airport attack that killed 31 people and wounded 130 more, Russian state TV reports


Blast ahead of Afghan summit

Blast ahead of Afghan  summit

A suicide bomber blew himself up in downtown Kabul on Sunday killing, three Afghans and raising fears about the prospect of further attacks in the capital as senior diplomats from dozens of nations are scheduled to arrive for an international conference on Tuesday.

Senh: Sometimes I wonder whether or not I should continue putting up these kinds of news regarding the middle east. There are attacks by suicide bombers everyday in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan.


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