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Auction house: We found Titanic violin

Titanic Violin - AP

The violin played by the bandmaster of the Titanic as the oceanliner sank has been unearthed, a British auction house said Friday. Survivors of the Titanic have said they remember the band, led by Wallace Hartley, playing on deck even as passengers boarded lifeboats after the ship hit an iceberg.


Aussie tycoon insists Titanic II a good idea

Titanic II

"You don't back a horse called Striding Snail, you don't name your boat Titanic II." Sound advice from a 1996 Beautiful South tune, "Little Blue." One man, however, seems hellbent on ignoring such plain folk wisdom in an audacious pursuit to rewrite history... A replica of the doomed ship Titanic will sail in 2016, says Blue Star Line chairman Clive Palmer.


Billionaire launches plans for Titanic replica

What could possibly go wrong? An Australian billionaire is getting ready to build a new version of the Titanic that could set sail in late 2016.


Recovered Titanic jewels to be on display

Most of the jewelry recovered from the wreckage of the Titanic will begin a three-city tour, its first public display since being salvaged from the ocean depths. In a nondescript industrial office in north Atlanta, Premier Exhibitions Inc. and RMS Titanic Inc. officials previewed the artifacts before they go on display Friday in Atlanta.


'Titanic' screen test shows film could've sunk

It's hard to imagine that "Titanic" had the potential to be a flop. But take a look at this footage from star Kate Winslet's screen test for the movie, and you'll likely agree the earliest iterations of the film were not pretty. For starters, Jeremy Sisto (who now appears on ABC's "Suburgatory") -- and not Leonardo DiCaprio -- plays Jack. Whatever the opposite of "having chemistry" is, that's what Sisto and Winslet have in this footage.

Senh: Kate Winslet was great, but Jeremy Jeremy Sisto's version of Jack was a bit too unstated and passive. He also seems awkward around her. I just don't see the infatuation.


'Women and children first' is a myth, shipwreck study shows

Costa Concordia

It's a question often asked: Is chivalry dead? According to a recent study by two Swedish economists, that brand of gallantry is not only dead, it was buried at sea long ago... With a few exceptions, like the Titanic, female passengers and kids were less likely to survive than the captain and crew.


Billionaire to build Titanic replica

Titanic Replica

An Australian mining magnate has commissioned a Chinese shipyard to build a replica of the ill-starred Titanic; complete in every detail but equipped with modern technology to prevent a repeat of the original's fateful maiden voyage 100 years ago.


Texas eatery serves $12K, 10-course Titanic meal

Crystal tinkles as women clad in dinner best bow their heads over champagne glasses, listening attentively to the captain's evening address. The Armagnac they sip is circa 1900.


Cruise ships to set sail, commemorate Titanic's voyage

The first of two Titanic-themed cruises was to set sail from Southampton Sunday on a 12-night cruise that will follow the Titanic's original itinerary.


At least 3 dead and dozens missing in Italy cruise ship accident

Cruise Ship in Italy Coast

Divers search for survivors and passengers tell of pandemonium and being abandoned by the crew after a luxury cruise liner was ripped open by submerged rocks off Italy's west coast. Divers scoured the water for survivors and passengers told of Titanic-style pandemonium and being abandoned by crew members Saturday after a luxury cruise liner was ripped open by rocks off the Italian coast.


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