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'Compton' tops box office for 3rd week; 'War Room' surprises

'Compton' tops box office for 3rd week; 'War Room' surprises

"Straight Outta Compton" marked three consecutive weekends atop the box office, while the Christian drama "War Room" proved an unexpected success. … Click to Continue »

Senh: Here's my take on it: "Not even the big G.O.D. can stop N.W.A., “Straight Outta Compton” remains #1 at the domestic box office for the third weekend in a row with $13.2M, upping its total to $134M."


MWB Repost: "Terminator: Genisys's" Huge Opening in China Guarantees Sequels

Terminator: Genisys

I write about "Terminator: Genisys" my latest article on (apparently, it scored one of the biggest single day openings of all time in China):


MWB Repost: After Scathing Reviews, "Fantastic Four" Tanks

The Thing takes apart a tank in "Fantastic Four"

Oh, man. Here's early Friday box office report on


MWB: "Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation" Surprises with $56M Opening; "Vacation" Falters

Tom Cruise in "Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation"

Early last week, Tom Cruise’s latest adventure “Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation” was tracking to open in the $40M range and Ed Helms’ latest comedy “Vacation” in the $30 range by the end of the week. “Vacation” stumbled on opening day with $3.8M last Wednesday.


Charting the turbo-charged box office of 'Furious' franchise

Charting the turbo-charged box office of 'Furious' franchise

In their14-year history, the "Fast & Furious" films have become a case study in the power of international box office. In recent years, the unlikely franchise has made global appeal a priority and as a result, grosses have continued to grow. "Furious 7," out worldwide on Friday, could be the biggest installment yet.

Senh: I wonder if any records will be broken. I saw "Furious 7" last night. It's big. It's ridiculous. And tons of fun! It's like a Hong Kong movie made with a Hollywood budget: lots of fight scenes and $250M worth of mayhem.


DreamWorks' 'Home' bests 'Get Hard' at box office with $54M

DreamWorks' 'Home' bests 'Get Hard' at box office with $54M

NEW YORK (AP) — The DreamWorks animated alien adventure "Home" beat out the Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart comedy "Get Hard" at the box office, but both films debuted strongly.

Senh: I thought "Home," with its colorful Minion-like characters, would do well, but not this well. Although I shouldn't be surprised because it was one of those few films that my kids wanted to see months in advance. "Get Hard" is a broad comedy that drew fans from both Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart. Both aren't great films, but get the job done for their target audiences.


Disney's 'Cinderella,' 'Big Hero 6' top Chinese box office

Senh: For some reason, the original link from The LA Times is broken. Over the weekend, "Cinderella" top the charts in China, the second largest film market in the world, with an opening of $25M. "Big Hero 6" came in second with $23M, totaling $66M after three weeks. What a one-two punch from Disney.


Box office top 20: 'Cinderella' revised down to $67.9M

Box office top 20: 'Cinderella' revised down to $67.9M

The weekend debut of Disney's "Cinderella" was revised down to $67.9 million in final box-office figures Monday.

Senh: Not surprised. Disney was aggressive with their Sunday estimate, so they can claim "Cinderella" passed the $70M mark.


Disney's 'Cinderella' debuts with $70.1M at box office

Disney's 'Cinderella' debuts with $70.1M at box office

"Cinderella" is the belle of the box office, where Disney's live-action fairy tale debuted with $70.1 million over the weekend at North American theaters, according to studio estimates Sunday.

Senh: Wow. I was expecting $30M-$40M. With great reviews and the "Frozen" short, Disney's "Cinderella" blew away my prediction. Disney has been on a roll with these live-action adaptations of their classic animated features.


'Fifty Shades of Grey' whips up stunning $81.7 million

"Fifty Shades of Grey" raked in the Valentine's Day dollars, earning an estimated $81.7 million from 3,646 theaters in its first three days, distributor Universal Studios said on Sunday. The chart-topping erotic drama could be on track to earn over $90 million during the four-day holiday weekend.

Senh: That's way beyond everything's expectations. The industry wad pegging it at $60M. I was only thinking $40M. Will this record opening mean we'll see more "mommy porn" in the future?


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