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United Airlines delays flight for man to see dying mother

United Airlines

If Kerry Drake missed his connecting flight, he wouldn't get to the hospital in time to say goodbye to his mother. Drake got the news on the morning of January 24 that his mother, who had been ill for years from rheumatoid arthritis and had been especially sick the last four months, was dying.


Fliers likely to see higher fares, fewer airlines, more fees

U.S. Airways

Just four days into the new year, United Airlines launched the first attempted airfare increase of 2013. The move is in line with travel experts' predictions that fliers, in general, will face a tougher atmosphere this year.


Airlines Add More Internet

Airline passengers can already get online 30,000 feet over Oklahoma. Soon U.S. airlines will offer Internet connections over the ocean, too. United, Delta, and American — the nation's three biggest airlines — said Wednesday that they're within weeks of having their first international flights with Internet service.


United Airlines not liable for alleged 9/11 security lapse: judge

United Airlines

United Airlines bears no responsibility for suspected security lapses at a Maine airport that allowed hijackers onto the American Airlines plane that crashed into one of the World Trade Center towers on September 11, 2001, a federal judge ruled.


United Airlines has another large computer outage

United Airlines

United Airlines says it has fixed a computer problem that led to widespread delays for thousands of its passengers. The outage lasted for about two hours Thursday morning. The problem was that dispatchers couldn't send flight information to about half of the United's mainline flights.


United plane escorted by military jet after man prays in aisle

A United Airlines flight from Denver has landed safely in Washington, D.C., after its crew reported an emergency due to a passenger reportedly praying in an aisle. TV station WUSA reports officials said Flight 662 was preparing to land at Dulles Washington International Airport in northern Virginia when the incident happened. The plane landed safely at 6:10 p.m.


United says Sandy cut Oct. revenue by $90 million

United Airlines

United Airlines says Superstorm Sandy cut its October revenue by about $90 million as it was forced to cancel almost 5,300 flights.


Turbulence injures 12 on United Airlines flight to Houston

United Airlines Turbulence

A dozen passengers were injured this morning on a United Airlines flight that encountered "strong turbulence somewhere over Louisiana," KTRK-TV of Houston reports.


Broken toilets cause layover 'hell'

United Airlines

If there's a contest for worst travel experience of the year, United Airlines Flight 857 might be in the running. The plane departed San Francisco on Sunday for a 13-hour trip to Shanghai. But most of the 262 passengers didn't get to China until Tuesday evening -- three days late -- after an unplanned and prolonged layover in Anchorage, Alaska.


Weekend 'cutover' puts United-Continental merger efforts to the test

United Airlines

This weekend, the Continental-United merger is expected to hit a significant milestone that both airlines hope travelers won’t even notice.


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