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Mitt Romney fishes for votes in New Hampshire

Romney lamented the government regulations — set in place decades ago, but continued under President Obama — that New Hampshire fishermen told him were crushing their ability to turn profits.


Electoral meltdown: Where Romney went wrong in South Carolina

Mitt Romney’s stunning loss in South Carolina was as broad-based as his win in the previous primary in New Hampshire, according to exit polls, raising new questions about his ability to reach a wide assortment of voters.


Mitt Romney wins New Hampshire GOP primary

New Hampshire GOP Primary

Mitt Romney rolled to an easy victory Tuesday in the New Hampshire primary, taking a broad stride toward capturing the GOP presidential nomination as the contest heads south for a pair of potentially make-or-break contests.


On home turf of New Hampshire, expectations for Romney are high

Mitt Romney: New Hampshire Primary

No matter what happens in the New Hampshire primary Tuesday, Mitt Romney should be grateful that his opponents didn’t force him to play the expectations game. All available evidence suggests that Romney, with twice the support of his nearest rival in the latest polls, will roll to a solid victory.


Romney’s Opponents Intensify Attacks as Voting Nears

The trailing Republican presidential candidates intensified their attacks on Mitt Romney’s role at a corporate buyout firm in the final day of campaigning before New Hampshire voters go to the polls.


Poll: Mitt Romney maintains commanding lead in New Hampshire

Mitt Romney: New Hampshire Primary

Mitt Romney is holding on to what seems like an insurmountable lead in New Hampshire a new poll finds, meaning any drama surrounding Tuesday's voting in the first presidential primary is likely to be about who claims runner-up status.


Huntsman, Santorum support up in New Hampshire

Republican presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman is gaining support in New Hampshire at the right time, days before Tuesday's key primary election, but he still trails front-runner Mitt Romney by a prohibitive margin.


Ready or Not, Huntsman Faces His Moment in New Hampshire

Jon Huntsman

Jon M. Huntsman Jr., an early favorite of the pundit classes in Washington and New York who is now struggling to stay relevant, has bet it all on New Hampshire.


Ron Paul raises $13M in last three months

Ron Paul

Ron Paul continues to rake in cash at a healthy clip, which bodes well for his campaign as the GOP candidates concentrate on New Hampshire and ...


Romney attacked from all sides

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney faced attacks from both sides after squeaking a record narrow victory in Iowa, with New Hampshire's leading newspaper Thursday urging Republicans to back his rival Newt Gingrich and President Barack Obama's re-election campaign training its sights on him.

Senh: All eyes are on Mitt Romney now. Let's see if he can take the spotlight.


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