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Conservatives warn against rush to judgment in Trayvon Martin case

These days, the drama of the Republican presidential primary and the Supreme Court's consideration of the healthcare overhaul law are the hottest topics for American conservative media types.


Biden confident high court will affirm health care

Vice President Joe Biden says he's confident the Supreme Court will uphold the constitutionality of the health care law.


Opinion: Health care act keeps us well

Melody Barnes says the health care act offers peace of mind for families. Those who want it repealed have no credible alternatives.


Obama lawyer asks Supreme Court to save healthcare law

The Obama administration's top courtroom lawyer made an impassioned plea on Wednesday for the Supreme Court to save President Barack Obama's healthcare law, capping three days of historic arguments that left it unclear how the nine justices would rule.


Justices Ask if Health Law Is Viable Without Mandate

Health Care

On the final day of the health care arguments, the Supreme Court justices considered a variety of possible approaches if the individual mandate is removed from the law.


Loss of insurance mandate wouldn't kill health law

Health Care

President Barack Obama's health care law would not collapse if the Supreme Court strikes down the unpopular requirement that most Americans carry medical insurance or face a penalty....


Justices signal possible trouble ahead for health insurance mandate

Health Care

The Supreme Court's conservative justices Tuesday laid into the requirement in the Obama administration's healthcare law that Americans have health insurance, as the court began a much-anticipated second day of arguments on the controversial legislation.


Supreme Court begins review of health-care law

Health Care

The Supreme Court began its constitutional review of the health-care overhaul law Monday with a fundamental question: Is the court barred from making such a decision at this time?


Battle over Obama health law reaches high court

The monumental fight over a health care law that touches all Americans and divides them sharply comes before the Supreme Court this week.


4 GOP-appointed justices control health law's fate

Supreme Court Justice

Here's a thought that can't comfort President Barack Obama: The fate of his health care overhaul rests with four Republican-appointed Supreme Court justices....


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