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Obama: Time for House GOP to do its part

President Obama in his weekly address Saturday chided House Republicans for allowing electoral politics to stall passage of a transportation bill and student loan rate extension, both of which have deadlines looming next week.


House ready to OK GOP budget, rejects rival plans

Republicans are ready to ram through the House an election-year, $3.5 trillion budget that showcases their deficit-cutting plan for revamping Medicare and slicing everything from food stamps to transportation while rejecting President Barack Obama's call to raise taxes on the rich....


Obama's $50 Billion Spending Plan to Boost Economy, Report Says

President Barack Obama's proposed $50 billion transportation spending program would boost jobs in the construction, manufacturing and retail industries and help bolster a struggling economy ...


Obama to Call for $50 Billion Spending on Public Works

Obama to Call for $50 Billion Spending on Public Works

The president’s initiative would create jobs quickly by emphasizing long-term transportation projects like roads, rail and airport runways.


Obama Announces Plans for High-Speed Trains

Obama Announces Plans for High-Speed Trains

Some say president's plan for high-speed rail is not worth the investment.


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