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'Forgotten' inmate gets $15.5 million

Stephen Slevin - CNN

Stephen Slevin's 22 months in solitary left him traumatized and weak, but he'll soon be a multimillionaire for his suffering.


Work by lab could have tainted 1,100 inmates' cases

Tainted Lab Results

Faced with the daunting task of evaluating more than 34,000 drug cases handled by a Massachusetts chemist accused of misconduct, prosecutors and defense attorneys are starting with 1,140 cases of people who are already serving prison sentences based on potentially tainted evidence.


State ready to execute Ohio man for double murder

The attorney for an Ohio death-row inmate set for execution says the condemned man is sorry for killing two strangers 23 years ago and wants to give their families justice.


In Riverside, California, a Plan to Charge Inmates


Pressed by the state to take more prisoners but facing tightening budgets, California counties face hard choices. A one-night stay in this city’s finest hotel costs $190, complete with sumptuous sheets and a gourmet restaurant. Soon, a twin metal bunk at the county jail, with meals served on plastic trays, will run $142.42.


Troy Davis in spotlight again as execution nears

Troy Davis in spotlight again as execution nears

Hundreds of thousands of people are rallying to support Georgia death row inmate Troy Davis. They not only oppose capital punishment but they also believe the state could put an innocent man to death. The case is packed with drama: the murder of an off-duty police officer; conflicting eyewitness testimony; last-minute court decisions sparing a condemned man's life and global dignitaries who say they fear an innocent man could die.


U.S. to shed light on Guatemala syphilis experiment

A U.S. presidential commission will release on Monday its findings on a government research project that deliberately infected Guatemalan prison inmates and mental patients with syphilis in the 1940s.


Sheriff Says No More Free Underwear in Florida Jail

Sheriff Says No More Free Underwear in Florida Jail

Sheriff says he will cut costs at Florida jail by $45,000 a year by charging prisoners a fee for underwear... “For those who want underwear, they can buy underwear. For those who don’t, they can let the breeze blow up one leg and down the other,” he told reporters.


Zimbabwe Plans to Feed Elephants to Hungry Prisoners

For the last four years, inmates housed in Zimbabwe's overcrowded prisons in have been served a vegetarian diet, but a new government proposal aims to put meat back on the menu; Pachyderm meat, to be exact.


More Spent on Incarcerating Prisoners Than Education

An examination of state budgets has revealed a startling discrepancy: most states are spending three to four times more incarcerating prisoners than they are educating students. According to research gathered from the Department of Justice, Georgia lawmakers, for example, dole out almost $18,000 a year to house one inmate in a state prison. But the National Education Association says the state spends about one-third of that to put a child through the public education system.


At Least 40 Die on Bus Caught in Israel Forest Fire

At Least 40 Die on Bus Caught in Israel Forest Fire

The bus was evacuating prisoners from a penitentiary in the fire’s path when it got caught in the flames, rescue workers reported.


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