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Obama considers allowing lawmakers to see secret memos on targeted killings

U.S. Drones

President Obama is seriously considering bowing to congressional demands that he provide access to secret legal memos on the targeted killing of American terrorism suspects overseas, according to administration officials. Read full article >>


U.S. expands its secret war in Africa


U.S. President Barack Obama's "secret wars" against al-Qaida are steadily widening, most notably in Africa, with the U.S. military's Special Forces Operation Command doubling in size and the CIA's strike capabilities undergoing a radical expansion, international analysts said.


Writer attacks Obama's 'lethal presidency'

President Obama's use of drones to attack suspected terrorists is drawing intense criticism in the latest issue of "Esquire" magazine.


Taliban stronger than before U.S. troop surge: lawmakers

The Taliban is stronger now than before President Barack Obama ordered a surge of troops to Afghanistan, two senior U.S. lawmakers said on Sunday, contradicting the administration's assessment of the insurgency.


Obama swoops into Afghanistan on bin Laden death anniversary

President Barack Obama marked the anniversary of Osama bin Laden's death with a speedy trip to Afghanistan, signing a strategic pact with Kabul on Wednesday and delivering an election-year message to Americans that the war is winding down.


Obama: We are ending Afghanistan war responsibly

President Obama marked the tenth anniversary of the Afghanistan war with a statement praising the U.S. military and pledging to follow through ...


Anti-terrorism success may not help Obama in 2012

Anti-terrorism success may not help Obama in 2012

President Barack Obama may have a string of counterterrorism successes and earned high marks from the public on foreign policy, but neither is likely to help him hold the White House....


Obama: Death of Awlaki is 'major blow' to Al Qaeda

Obama: Death of Awlaki is 'major blow' to Al Qaeda

President Obama credited American intelligence operations and cooperation with the Yemeni government for the death of key Al Qaeda figure Anwar Awlaki on Friday, calling it a "major blow" to the terrorism network's most active operational affiliate and a sign of things to come.


Lawmakers call on Obama to re-sign Patriot Act, question previous autopen signature

A group of 21 Republican House members, including 10 freshmen, is calling on President Obama to re-sign a measure extending key provisions of the Patriot Act, three weeks after he directed that it be signed into law through the use of an autopen.

Obama was traveling overseas at the time.


Bush tells Obama on bin Laden: "Good call"

Bush tells Obama on bin Laden:

Former President George W. Bush, who spent years searching for Osama bin Laden, had two words for President Barack Obama when Obama told him of the al Qaeda leader's death: "Good call."


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