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AP sources: Christie files to seek re-election

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has filed papers to seek re-election next year, while enjoying a popularity surge due to his hands-on response to Superstorm Sandy, the worst natural disaster in state history....


New Obama ad stresses economic recovery

Barack Obama

A new ad from President Obama's re-election team stresses the bad economy he inherited, and signs that things are coming back.


At Sunday Meetings, Team Obama Prepares for a Tough Fight

At the gatherings, the president, who will formally open his re-election campaign on Saturday, and a tight circle of advisers gird for the coming battle with Mitt Romney.


It's all about emotion in French presidential race

Like Barack Obama, Nicolas Sarkozy swept to power on a wave of hope for change. Sarkozy's wave crashed on the global financial crisis and his own failings.


Obama struggling in Iowa, poll says

Barack Obama

Iowa launched Barack Obama's winning presidential campaign in 2008, and now a new poll reflects how difficult his re-election might be.


Obama's slogan: looking to replace Hope and Change

Barack Obama

Winning The Future. Greater Together. We Don't Quit. They may not be official but those are all phrases that could in one form or another be candidates to become President Barack Obama's re-election slogan.


Obama 2012 raises $29.1 million in January

Barack Obama

President Obama's re-election campaign raised $29.1 million in January in conjunction with the campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the campaign announced Friday.


Republicans call Obama’s budget a reelection plan, ‘gimmick’

Congressional Republicans rejected President Obama’s $3.8 trillion spending outline as nothing more than a political document meant to guide his reelection campaign while putting off any of the tough decisions about ballooning red ink until after the voters have cast their ballots.


Tens of thousands in Moscow rally against Putin's rule

Putin Protest

Tens of thousands marched in Moscow on Saturday against the rule of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who is seeking re-election.


Obama: GOP candidates are 'wrong for America'

President Obama is declining to assess either Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich, but says either one of them would be "wrong for America."


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