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A rare glimpse of North Korea's version of Facebook

Most North Koreans can't access the Internet, and only foreigners can use the country's brand-new 3G cellular network. But the country has still developed its own rudimentary social network -- which you can now see for yourself, thanks to a SXSW panel the Associated Press's Jean Lee gave this weekend.


Verizon has third data outage in a month

Galaxy Nexus

For the third time this month, Verizon Wireless is experiencing data service outages for some users of its 3G and 4G networks in various places around the country, according to customer reports.

Senh: Looks like Verizon's not able to handle the data usage load. It's beginning to sound like AT&T.


Sony dubs new handheld game player PlayStation Vita

Sony dubs new handheld game player PlayStation Vita

Sony said on Monday its new handheld game device would be called PlayStation Vita. The company added that it would partner with AT&T as exclusive carrier for the 3G version of the device in the United States.


Why you can probably skip 3G on iPad 2

When you're shopping for an iPad 2, you have a dozen configurations to choose from, and some recent discoveries will make this decision much easier for you.


AT&T Relabels Their Data Network, Proves '4G' Doesn't Really Mean Anything

To the average consumer, the intricacies of the wireless technologies used by cellphones and other mobile devices are confusing. Fortunately, cell phone carriers have made it easier on us by inventing the “G,” a nebulous standard that makes people think they understand what they’re getting when they sign up for that two-year contract. The bad news: The carriers themselves typically don’t care about what a 3G or 4G network should actually be. And now, as proof of concept, AT&T has re-branded their existing 3G network as a 4G network.


Skype for Android on 3G hack app already available

It was just a couple of days ago that Skype introduced its Skype for Android app, and there was much rejoicing. But U.S. users were singularly blocked from using Skype over 3G networks, except Verizon users. American Android users could only use it via Wi-Fi even though folks in other nations had no such restrictions (although the app isn't...


Galaxy Tab coming to all US carriers; no pricing yet, no 4G

Galaxy Tab coming to all US carriers; no pricing yet, no 4G

iPad watch out: Samsung is gunning to take over the tablet market. The company announced during a press conference late Thursday that the recently announced Galaxy Tab would be launching on all four major US cellular networks—Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile—and a WiFi-only option will be available soon. There won't be any 4G-capable devices at launch, however (only 3G), and Samsung is remaining mum on pricing.


AT&T tops in PCWorld’s 3G wireless testing

AT&T tops in PCWorld’s 3G wireless testing

AT&T says it has worked hard to improve its much-maligned third-generation (3G) network over the last eight months — erecting hundreds of new cell towers, using better-performing wireless spectrum, and souping up its cell sites across the country — and the results of our latest 13-city, 3G network performance tests suggest that the network has indeed undergone a drastic makeover.


New Palm phones create Wi-Fi hotspot

Palm on Thursday announced upgraded versions of its Pre and Pixi smartphones that add video recording and the capability to create 3G mobile hotspots for laptops and other mobile devices.


Android Viewer: Ustream Video Streaming Hits Smartphones

Ustream, one of the best services for those in need of a free video streaming platform, has just launched the Android Viewer, an app that lets you watch any Ustream show on your Android device, provided you're connected to the Internet via either 3G or WiFi.


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