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Syria activists record all they can for history's sake

As his camcorder scanned the charred walls and partially collapsed roof of the mosque on the outskirts of town, Adnan Sheikh began his narration like he had dozens of other times: "Moadamyeh al Sham, 8-30-2012, the remnants of the damage and destruction that Assad's gangs inflicted when they stormed the city," he said. "Even the houses of worship were not spared."


Blind Chinese activist Chen says is at Beijing airport

Chen Guangcheng

Blind Chinese legal activist Chen Guangcheng said on Saturday he had left a hospital in Beijing and was at the airport where he expected to be departing for the United States, a move that would signal the end of a diplomatic crisis between the two country.


Greenpeace activists climb Greenland oil rig

Three Greenpeace activists on Sunday climbed up an oil rig off Greenland's coast in an attempt to stop a Scottish oil company from starting deepwater drilling in the arctic waters, the environmental group said....


Workers demand better jobs, pay on May Day

Activists marking international worker's day Sunday staged a massive march of 200,000 in Turkey's capital and rallied in cities around the world to demand more jobs, better work conditions and higher wages.


Japan court convicts NZ anti-whaling activist

Japan court convicts NZ anti-whaling activist

A Tokyo court on Wednesday convicted a New Zealand activist of obstructing the Japanese whaling mission in the Antarctic Ocean, sentencing him to a suspended prison term.


Health insurance conference picketed

Progressive activists ratcheted up the pressure for health care reform Tuesday, picketing in front of a hotel where a group of insurance industry leaders were meeting.


Video makers release tape of ACORN visit

Video makers release tape of ACORN visit

Two conservative activists release a new undercover video targeting ACORN, an attempt to reignite a simmering political controversy surrounding the Democratic-leaning agency.


Canadian Prostitutes Sue for Right to Open Bordellos

Three young Toronto women who describe themselves as feminist activists and "sex trade workers" on Tuesday launched a legal challenge of Canada's prostitution laws.


Burmese Activist Found Guilty; House Arrest to Continue

Burmese Activist Found Guilty; House Arrest to Continue

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi was found guilty of violating the terms of her house arrest and sentenced to three years of prison, but the junta reduced that term to a year and a half of house arrest.


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