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Time For A Social Networking Shakeout

Get ready for a rash of new business models and the consolidation of old ones.


Facebook Grew Twice As Fast As Twitter In July

If it wasn't bad enough that Facebook bought FriendFeed on Monday and turned on real-time search to better compete against Twitter in the Stream Wars, and is playing around with a lite version that resembles Twitter even more, now Twitter really has something to worry about. Facebook is growing faster than Twitter in the U.S., even though it is more than four times larger.


The Cost Of FriendFeed: Roughly $50 Million In Cash And Stock

Everyone is obviously talking about the Facebook/FriendFeed deal, but everyone wants to know one key detail: How much did Facebook pay?


5 Startup Tips From the Father of Gmail and FriendFeed

I asked Paul Buchheit for advice on launching startups because he fathered two of this decade’s most successful online products: Gmail and FriendFeed. As part of his work on Gmail, he also developed the first prototype of AdSense, Google’s ad program. And he’s known as the engineer who suggested Google’s now famous motto: “Don’t be evil.”


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