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Gaffe-prone candidates hurt GOP's Senate chances

Todd Akin

Republicans hopeful of taking over the Senate should be measuring the drapes. But a series of blown opportunities two years ago and again this year has cost Republicans dearly in their quest for a Senate majority....


Romney Stumbles Into Abortion Flap

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney promised today he would govern as a "pro-life president" less than 24 hours after telling an Iowa newspaper he saw "no legislation with regards to abortion that I'm familiar with that would become part of my agenda."


Romney's 'you didn't build that' attack: An epic FAIL

Romney built much of his convention around Obama’s “you didn’t build that” comments, but only 32 percent were impacted negatively by them. Meanwhile, more viewed the remarks as a positive, and 62 percent either saw them as a positive or weren’t impacted by them at all.


‘Buried’ comment underscores risk – and reward – of deploying Biden on the trail

Vice President Biden’s off-script remark at a campaign rally Tuesday that the middle class has “been buried for the last four years” has rekindled debate over his effectiveness on the stump, with defenders contending that such gaffes are a sign of Biden’s authenticity, while critics argue that he has served as more of a punch line than an effective messenger on the trail.


Republicans seize on Biden middle class comment ahead of debate

Joe Biden

Vice President Joe Biden told a campaign rally on Tuesday that the middle class has been buried for the past four years, just longer than President Barack Obama's time in the White House. Republicans immediately seized on what they termed a "stunning admission" by Biden as evidence that Obama's policies have been bad for the economy, the day before Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney meet in their first presidential debate.


Romney hits Obama for 'outside' line

President Obama today defended his comment that Washington can only be changed "from the outside," and mocked Mitt Romney for trying to turn it into a political issue. "For some reason, my opponent got real excited," Obama told backers in Woodbridge, Va., before firing back at Romney for saying he could get the job "from the inside." "What kind of inside job is he talking about?" Obama said of Romney. "If it's rubber-stamping the top-down agenda of this GOP Congress, we don't want it."


Romney taped in Mid-East 'gaffe'

A new video clip of Republican US presidential challenger Mitt Romney shows him telling a private meeting of donors that the Palestinians have no interest in peace with Israel.


Romney gets capital of Libya wrong in press conf criticizing Obama on foreign policy

Mitt Romney got the capital of Libya wrong in his opportunistic statement this morning criticizing the President about his handling of the attacks against the US embassy in Cairo and the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya.


'Legitimate rape' reaction goes global

In just a few days, a politician largely unknown outside the U.S. has earned the dubious reputation on the world stage as the "rape-gaffe congressman."


Romney stumbles in running mate announcement

Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan

With the political world watching, Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney misspoke while introducing his running mate. Romney mistakenly introduced Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan on Saturday as the next president of the United States. Ryan, of course, has been tapped to serve as Romney's vice presidential nominee.


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