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Convergence of Presidents at Bush Library Dedication

President Obama joined all of his living predecessors on Thursday to pay tribute to George W. Bush.


George W. Bush: Jeb should run in 2016

Jeb Bush - USA Today

Jeb Bush has a strong backer should he decide to run for president in 2016: Brother and former President George W. Bush. When PARADE magazine asked the former president if the United States is "ready for another Bush," George W. replied: "That's for Jeb to figure out, you know what I mean?"


Why George W. Bush was right

George W. Bush was president of the United States less than five years ago. You'd never know it by listening to Republican politicians or talking with GOP party strategists -- all of whom seem perfectly willing to simply erase Bush from their collective memory. (It's a sort of political version of "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.")


Obama, Romney have legal teams ready

The campaigns are ready for Election Day -- so are their legal teams. President Obama and Mitt Romney both have battalions of lawyers ready to litigate any voting disputes that could affect this year's election. Legal strike forces are now a campaign standard, thanks largely to the disputed 2000 recount in Florida between George W. Bush and Al Gore.


Resurfaced ’07 Talk by Obama Renews Questions on Race

A speech by Senator Barack Obama that created a stir and faded is now bringing up questions that have long been favorite topics in conservative circles... In the summer of 2007, his campaign for the White House well under way, Senator Barack Obama waded into the minefield of racial politics and accused President George W. Bush of sitting idly by as a “quiet riot” simmered in black communities.


Presidents often struggle in first debates

When President Obama steps onto the debate stage Wednesday night in Denver, he'll seek to avoid what might be called "incumbents opening debate syndrome." Presidents seeking re-election have often struggled in their first debates: Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush. Two of those wound up winning re-election anyway; two lost.


NY Times reporter: Bush White House didn't listen to 9/11 warnings

Eleven years after the 9/11 attacks, there is new information on what the George W. Bush administration knew about al-Qaeda's plans. We learned after 9/11 that a presidential briefing paper in August 2001 was headlined "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S." But Tuesday in the New York Times, investigative reporter Kurt Eichenwald says the White House received ominous warnings as early as May 2001.


Jeb Bush to Obama: Stop blaming my brother

Jeb Bush says it's time for President Obama to stop blaming his brother for the nation's problems. "I mean, look, the guy (Obama) was dealt a difficult hand, no question about it," Bush said on NBC's Meet The Press. "But he's had three years. His policies have failed."


Dems slam Ryan over Social Security privatization

Mitt Romney

Democrats are eagerly renewing their fight against privatizing Social Security now that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has picked Paul Ryan as his running mate. It was a fight that didn't go well for the GOP when President George W. Bush pushed the idea in 2005.


Cheney: Obama 'one of our weakest presidents'

Dick Cheney's new heart has not softened his attitude toward President Obama... Of course, the feeling is no doubt mutual; Obama and his backer say the policies of Cheney and President George W. Bush in Iraq and elsewhere lowered U.S. standing in the world.


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