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Yelp serves restaurant reviews to Microsoft's Bing

Yelp is feeding its online reviews of restaurants and other local merchants to Microsoft's Bing search engine in a move to compete against Zagat ratings on Google.


Is Microsoft Going After Google With IE10?

Internet Explorer

Last Thursday, Microsoft announced several new features to the upcoming IE10, which will launch as part of Windows 8. One of these features, which turns on “Do Not Track” by default, has caused quite a stir over the weekend as new outlets and bloggers have discussed the potential benefits and ramifications of this feature.


Microsoft Says Decaffeinated Bing Tastes as Good as Google

Harry Shum

In 2010, Google gave its search engine a jolt, moving the web’s de facto gateway onto a new software platform dubbed “Caffeine.” Designed by Google itself, Caffeine was a way for the company to more rapidly add new links to its massive index of websites, including news stories and blog posts and chatter from web forums. According to the company, it provided “50 percent fresher” search results than its previous indexing system, which was based on a seminal Google creation called MapReduce.


Microsoft: Google bypassed IE privacy settings too

Discovery comes just days after Web giant was found to be sidestepping the user privacy preferences in Apple's Safari. Read this blog post by Steven Musil on Security.


Could Chrome overtake Internet Explorer in the browser wars?

Google Chrome

A month ago, Google's three-year effort to push its Web browser, Chrome, took a major step when analysts said it had passed Mozilla's Firefox to become the second-most popular tool of its kind on the Internet. Today, that climb continues and has some tech observers wondering whether Chrome could do the unthinkable and topple perennial leader Internet Explorer from atop the browser rankings.

Senh: I think as long as Internet Explorer comes with Windows, it's hard to beat.


PC-friendly version of Android released


Android developers have released a version of 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich that can run on chips found in most personal computers, from netbooks and laptops to desktop towers.


Microsoft Disses Google: Quelle Surprise!

Microsoft Disses Google: Quelle Surprise!

Essentially, Rizzo says that Google just throws stuff out there, sees if it sticks and then only continues to develop and support those pieces of software which customers actually want to use. In contrast, Microsoft does lots and lots of planning about what it is going to do and then sticks with it having done so.

Senh: It's two different strategies. If you're dealing the with internet, and you can get immediate feedback, it's not a bad strategy to throw stuff up and see what sticks.


Bing Grows Into A Bigger Pimple On Google

Bing Grows Into A Bigger Pimple On Google

Slowly but steadily, Microsoft Bing has become a potent threat to Google in the search market. Over the last few months, Microsoft’s aggressive strategy with Bing has started to yield market share gains over competitors Google, Yahoo and AOL in the U.S. search market. Bing’s market share, which was around 11% in September 2010, is now close to 14% as of February 2011.


Study Shows Bing Is More Accurate Than Google, And It's Gaining Share

Study Shows Bing Is More Accurate Than Google, And It's Gaining Share

No wonder Google seems so panicked about Bing. The latest results from market researcher Experian Hitwise show not only that Bing grew at Google's expense in January. They also show that Bing is delivering more accurate results. In the U.S., Bing now powers more than 27% of search results, up from 25% in December. That's despite a slight decline in traffic to Yahoo's search site, which has been powered by Bing since December.

Senh: More accurate results? How can Bing get more accurate results when all you're doing is copying Google's search results? That's lame.


Microsoft Caught Copying Google Search Results

Microsoft Caught Copying Google Search Results

Google alleges Microsoft uses its web browser and Bing Search bar to harvest information on Google users.

Senh: That's lame. So instead of developing a better search engine, they're just gonna copy Google's, and call it their own. Way to innovate, Microsoft.


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