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Google Casts a Big Shadow on Smaller Web Sites


For Web sites that depend on their ranking in search results, Google’s secret — and frequently fluctuating — search algorithm can evoke a complex blend of admiration and fear.


Google Will Fight Piracy Through Search Results, But Will Leave YouTube Unscathed

Google is smart. We all know that. Here's a great bit of search engine cleverness of Kafka-esque proportions. How can you be seen by the entertainment industry as fighting piracy of copyrighted material and yet not have a negative impact on one of the largest infringers, YouTube—who you happen to own?


Google to include people's Gmail in search results

Google's Internet search engine is getting more personal by highlighting information drawn from its users' Gmail accounts on its main results page.


Google gets personal, searches your world, not just the Web

Google Search Plus Your World

For Google, it's personal. The Internet search giant is no longer going to roll out the same search results to everyone... It's doing this in three ways. First, it's expanding search beyond public Web pages to the photos and posts you and others have shared privately. Second, as you type a person's name into Google, it will automatically suggest people you are close to or may be interested in. Third, Google is guiding users to profiles and Google+ pages related to the topic of interest.

Senh: I've already been seeing some of that in action. I've noticed that the results I get when I'm logged-in are different from the results I get when I'm not. Sometimes, I get results from sites that I'm Plus One-ed on. Sometimes I get results from sites that I visit often, like, for instance.


Google denies 'cooking' searches

Google's executive chairman denies that the company fixes its search results to promote its own websites and services.


Demand Media Spikes As Goldman Ups Rating To Buy from Neutral

Monahan contends the stock has over-reacted to the impact of recent changes in Google’s search algorithm that were designed to reduce the prominence of lower quality content sites in search results. The analyst contends the move likely will have a single-digit impact to the company’s earnings, but has resulted in a 40% drop in the stock price since mid-April, leaving the stock 20% below its IPO price. He contends the recent price of the shares “reflects future negative changes that are unlikely to materialize.”

Senh: Interesting that the one site that Google supposedly targeted with their previous algorithm has almost no effect on the site's traffic.


Google's New Search Results Pages: Is The Simplified Look Elegant Or Ugly?

Google is apparently testing cleaner-looking results pages. Overall, the new design looks less cluttered. Rows of text are spaced farther apart and text colors are more muted than previous versions.Compared to the darker, tighter text of the old results pages, the change is pretty stark and will take some getting used to, if Google decides to roll out these changes to all users. Says Google Penalty Ends said it has been released from Google's "penalty box," which pushed it down in search results as a punishment for the retailer's efforts to game the search system.


Google's New Search Algorithm Change Took Out 40% of My Google Traffic

Google's New Search Algorithm Change Took Out 40% of My Google Traffic

Last Thursday, Google launched a new tweak to their search algorithm. It was targeted at content farms, which many consider to be spammy sites whose content are created solely to attract search engine traffic for specific keywords.

I do notice more and more of these sites on Google’s search results. For me, the main offender is Most of the articles I get from there are completely useless. They’re just keywords being repeated over and over again with a bunch of fillers. I can see why Google wants to push those sites further down their search rankings.


Bits: Google Pushes Down Ranking of Low-Quality Sites

Bits: Google Pushes Down Ranking of Low-Quality Sites

Google said its latest algorithm change is so big that users will notice different, higher-quality search results.

Senh: No wonder. Traffic to my site dropped by 30% from Wednesday to Thursday. The example used in the article from eHow is borderline, but here's a better example: There's absolutely nothing useful from that article. All it does is mention the keywords "social media optimization" a bunch of times. There aren't tips on how to do the optimization. There's no even a real discription of what it is.


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