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Kerry: Russia sells missile defense to Syria

Secretary of State John Kerry says the transfer of advanced missile defense systems from Russia to Syria would be a "destabilizing" factor for Israel's security.


Kerry: Pakistan-Afghanistan meetings end ‘on a good track’

After meeting for more three hours here Wednesday with Afghan and Pakistani leaders, Secretary of State John F. Kerry reported progress in relaunching negotiations but warned that “we’re not going to raise expectations or promise results that can’t be delivered.”


Kerry trying to build support for new Israel peace talks

Secretary of State John F. Kerry worked Monday to build support for new Arab-Israeli peace talks that would establish an independent Palestinian state and settle many other old Mideast grievances.


US 'will defend self and S Korea'

The US will defend itself and its "treaty ally" South Korea in the face of North Korean threats, Secretary of State John Kerry says.


Kerry Hoping to Nudge Egypt Toward Reforms

John Kerry made his first trip to an Arab capital as secretary of state on Saturday, hoping to prod Egyptian politicians to show a measure of political peace and a commitment to economic change.


Kerry scolds Turkish leader for disparaging Zionism

Secretary of State John F. Kerry scolded Turkey’s leader Friday for likening Zionism to a “crime against humanity. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s comment worsened his country’s rift with Israel and further complicated the U.S. relationship with Turkey, a key Muslim ally straddling the Middle East and Europe.


Ex-senator Scott Brown won't run for Kerry seat

Former senator Scott Brown will not run for the seat of departing Sen. John Kerry in Massachusetts, saying Friday he was unsure "of returning to a Congress even more partisan than the one I left."


Senate Panel Approves Kerry for Secretary of State

John Kerry

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the panel that John Kerry has led for the past four years, unanimously approved his nomination, and the full Senate was set to vote.


John Kerry and how he sees the conflict in Syria

I have read the long 35,000-word script of the hearing on the nomination of Senator John Kerry to be the next U.S. Secretary of State. The hearing was held by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and in order for us to understand the personality of the new secretary of state, whose appointment will be unanimously approved, we should know that he had already testified before such a committee more than 40 years ago as a soldier returning from the Vietnam War.


In Senate confirmation hearing, bipartisan pressure on Kerry over Syria policy

President Barack Obama’s choice to be secretary of state, Sen. John Kerry, D- Mass, began his confirmation hearing Thursday morning before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.


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