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John Kerry and how he sees the conflict in Syria

I have read the long 35,000-word script of the hearing on the nomination of Senator John Kerry to be the next U.S. Secretary of State. The hearing was held by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and in order for us to understand the personality of the new secretary of state, whose appointment will be unanimously approved, we should know that he had already testified before such a committee more than 40 years ago as a soldier returning from the Vietnam War.


In Senate confirmation hearing, bipartisan pressure on Kerry over Syria policy

President Barack Obama’s choice to be secretary of state, Sen. John Kerry, D- Mass, began his confirmation hearing Thursday morning before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.


Clinton clashes with senators over Benghazi attack

Hillary Clinton

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Wednesday she took responsibility for not adequately protecting U.S. personnel in the Sept. 11 attack on a U.S. diplomatic facility in Benghazi, Libya that resulted in the killing of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.


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