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"We are broke," U.N. says as Syria refugee funds dry up

The United Nations gave its starkest warning yet on Friday that it would soon run out of cash to cope with the vast influx of Syrian refugees into Jordan and other neighboring countries.


Obama to visit Israel for first time as president

President Obama will visit Israel, the West Bank and Jordan in the spring, the White House said Tuesday, marking his first visit since becoming president.


Protesters in Jordan denounce King Abdullah II

In a sign that the U.S.-backed kingdom of Jordan may yet be vulnerable to the "Arab Spring" upheaval, angry demonstrators Friday denounced King Abdullah II and his ruling circle as "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves" and demanded swift reform or an end to the monarchy.


Jordanian protesters, police scuffle as Amman demonstrations continue

Police armed with truncheons skirmished with protesters outside a central Amman mosque on Friday as demonstrations over rising fuel prices rocked this Western-backed Arab monarchy for a fourth straight day.


Jordan charges 11 in alleged terror plot

Jordanian officials have charged 11 men with allegedly plotting terrorism attacks on Western diplomatic missions.


Jordan's king urges Syria's Assad to step down

Jordan's King Abdullah said Tuesday that Syrian President Bashar Assad should step down, making him the first Arab ruler to issue such a call over the regime's deadly crackdown on an 8-month-old uprising.


Government ousted in Jordan

Jordan's King Abdullah II on Tuesday dismissed Prime Minister Samir Rifai and his cabinet after widespread protests by crowds of people inspired by demonstrations in Egypt, Tunisia and elsewhere.


U.S. warns on travel to Aqaba, cites imminent threat

The U.S. embassy in Jordan warned its citizens Wednesday against traveling to the port city of Aqaba, citing an "imminent" threat, but Jordan said it was not aware of any immediate security risks.


Feds indict former Blackwater president, 4 others

Feds indict former Blackwater president, 4 others

The former president of Blackwater Worldwide was charged Friday with using straw purchases to stockpile automatic weapons at the security firm and filing false documents to cover up gifts given to the king of Jordan....


CIA bomber was a Jordanian double agent, ex-spy official says

CIA bomber was a Jordanian double agent, ex-spy official says

The suicide attacker killed eight people at a CIA compound in Afghanistan last week. He had been recruited to help U.S. spy agencies penetrate Al Qaeda, a former U.S. intelligence official says.


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