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Opinion: Mom pays $1,000 a month for a garage

Sky-high rents in Silicon Valley are forcing parents into difficult living situations. CNN meets a woman who is raising her daughter in a single-car garage.

Senh: She seems to be making the best use of her limited space. My question is where is the dad? How is she paying rent if she's not working? She's pregnant with another child. Why did she decide to have another one when she's barely making it?


DealBook: Opening a Gateway for Girls to Enter the Computer Field

Silicon Valley and several small companies and nonprofits are working to increase the number of women in the technology industry by teaching teenage girls how to write computer code.


Texas Gov. Rick Perry set to poach Calif. jobs

Rick Perry

Look out, California. Rick Perry is going hunting in your backyard for jobs to bring back to Texas. The Republican governor heads to San Francisco, the Silicon Valley, Los Angeles and Orange County next week on a "business recruitment trip," his office says. The trip is being paid for by Texas One, a public-private partnership that does marketing for the state.


Yahoo Adds PayPal Cofounder Max Levchin To Board, Two Members Step Down

Yahoo has named former PayPal cofounder Max Levchin to its board of directors, as two other board members are stepping down. The addition of Levchin, a well-known Silicon Valley technology executive, is another move towards Marissa Mayer‘s efforts to revamp Yahoo with a technology focus.


Techies Fight to Save Hacker Dojo, a Popular Silicon Valley Work Space

Hacker Dojo

Hacker Dojo is equal parts shared office, lecture hall and after-hours salon for a variety of tinkerers, software coders and entrepreneurs who intend to reinvent the future. The idea for Pinterest was cooked up here. The makers of Pebble watches used the space as their West Coast headquarters. Today, however, it is threatened with extinction. City officials in Mountain View have ordered Hacker Dojo to comply with city regulations for offices or move out.


Romney advisers, aiming to pop Obama’s digital balloon, pump up online campaign

Since clinching the Republican nomination two months ago, Romney advisers have significantly stepped up their digital campaign, hoping to catch up with President Obama in an arena he dominated in 2008. Romney has hired data analysts and mobile-app developers from places including Google and Apple, unwilling to concede the traditionally liberal-leaning Silicon Valley talent pool.


New York is vying to become global high-tech hub

New York City Global Technological Hub

New York City is seeking to overtake Silicon Valley as the nation's top technological hub, putting its hopes in a $2 billion research campus planned for an island on the East River... The idea is to create an applied-sciences university where engineers are also trained as entrepreneurs from day one. Proponents say New York, home to powerful global companies and now exploding with technological startups, could shift this sector into top gear if the latest findings went straight into new businesses.


Facebook IPO falls short of the hype

Facebook IPO

There wasn't much to like about Facebook's first day as a public company. The social media giant's stock rose by mere pennies in its initial public offering. The shares closed at $38.23, barely above the $38 IPO price.The performance fell far short of the grandiose expectations of Wall Street and Silicon Valley, and raised questions about whether the company's stock will be the sure bet many had counted on.


Facebook IPO fuels Bay Area spending boom

The company's employees and investors are spending in advance of their big payday, fueling an economy that's already humming thanks to the Bay Area's thriving technology sector. The wait for tables is getting longer at Buck's, a popular breakfast spot for the tech elite and a weather vane for the Silicon Valley economy.


Apple stock tops $600 day before new iPad release

iPad 3

Shares of the Silicon Valley giant has touched $600 for the first time, about a month after reaching the $500 mark.


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