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Bush Tax Cuts Extension Bill Would Be Vetoed By Obama

President Barack Obama would veto legislation that extends all of the Bush administration's tax cuts, including those for the middle class, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said Monday. But top Republican aides said they don't buy it.


NC State Rep Pushes Wrong Button, Overrides Veto

A North Carolina state representative says she voted mistakenly to override the governor's veto of a bill to allow the shale gas exploration called "fracking" but was told she couldn't change it because this would have altered the outcome.


GOP ignores veto threat, passes student loan bill

Republicans defied a veto threat and the House voted Friday to prevent federal loan costs from doubling for millions of college students. The vote gave the GOP a momentary election-year triumph on a bill that has become enmeshed in partisan battles over the economy, women's issues and President Barack Obama's health care overhaul.


Obama threatens to veto CISPA cybersecurity bill, citing privacy concerns


The White House threatened on Wednesday to veto cyber-legislation that is widely expected to pass the House this week, asserting that the bill would put Americans’ privacy at risk and give a pass to companies that fail to secure their computer networks.


White House threatens to veto GOP business tax cut

The White House is threatening to veto an effort by House Republicans to cut taxes for millions of smaller businesses, calling it an unproductive giveaway to many of the country's most profitable companies.


NJ Gov. Christie Vetoes Gay Marriage Bill as Vowed

Same-Sex Marriage

Gov. Chris Christie has followed through on his promise to reject a bill allowing same-sex marriage in New Jersey by quickly vetoing the measure Friday and renewing his call for a ballot question to decide the issue.


Russia, China reject UN resolution on Syria

Syrian Uprising

Russia and China veto a draft resolution calling for Syria's president to leave power. The move came as activists said more than 200 people were killed in the city of Homs.


Obama meets with Boehner; threatens veto of GOP plan

President Obama is threatening to veto a House Republican plan to address the debt ceiling standoff, which includes a proposed balanced budget ...


Brown's budget veto won't break political deadlock

Brown's budget veto won't break political deadlock

Gov. Jerry Brown was elected on a pledge to break legislative gridlock by changing Capitol culture, and he showered state lawmakers with attention as he tried to forge a bipartisan compromise to fix the state's chronic financial mess.


Jerry Brown vetoes Democratic budget plan

Gov. Jerry Brown has vetoed the budget package passed Wednesday by Democratic legislators, sources say, which creates a potential rift within his own party.


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