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WHO data on bird flu raises new questions about human transmission

More than 50 percent of patients infected with a new type of bird flu in China had no contact with poultry, the World Health Organization said on Friday, further raising questions about whether the virus was transmitted between humans.


China's bird flu outbreak not cause for panic: WHO

Bird Flu - Reuters

A strain of bird flu that has been found in humans for the first time in eastern China is not a cause for panic, the World Health Organization said on Monday, as the number of people infected rose to 21, with six deaths.


Four new cases of SARS-like virus found in Saudi, Qatar

A new virus from the same family as SARS which sparked a global alert in September has now killed two people in Saudi Arabia, and total cases there and in Qatar have reached six, the World Health Organisation said.


New SARS-like virus detected in Middle East


The World Health Organization said Monday it is too soon to say whether there could be an outbreak of a SARS-like killer respiratory disease after health officials in Britain announced they detected a related virus in a severely ill patient from the Middle East.


Obama, Romney both bashing China

It sounds like President Obama and Mitt Romney are now competing to see who can be tougher on China. While Romney has vowed to brand China a currency manipulator on "day one" of his presidency, Obama this week played up a new complaint against China with the World Trade Organization during his tour of Ohio.


Mystery disease kills 61 kids in Cambodia

Health officials in Cambodia are searching for the cause of a mystery disease that has killed more than 60 children over the past three months, the World Health Organization said Thursday.


Pacquiao wins WBO review, re-match recommended

The World Boxing Organization (WBO) ruled Wednesday that Manny Pacquiao should have won his controversial defeat to Timothy Bradley and has recommended a re-match between the fighters.


WHO agency: Diesel fumes cause cancer

Could the World Health Organization's ruling make exhaust as important a public health issue as secondhand smoke?


Untreatable gonorrhea spreading worldwide

A potentially dangerous sexually transmitted disease that infects millions of people each year is growing resistant to drugs and could soon become untreatable, the World Health Organization said Wednesday.


Global child deaths plunge by 12,000 a day

Global child deaths plunge by 12,000 a day

The annual number of children who die before they reach age five worldwide fell to 7.6 million in 2010 from more than 12 million in 1990, UNICEF and the World Health Organization said.


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