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Less or more? Parents grapple with kids' screen time limits

Screen Time

The American Academy of Pediatrics discourages use of electronic media by kids under age 2 and recommends older kids be limited to one to two hours of educational programming daily. That may make intuitive sense to any parent who has watched a kid grow slack-jawed in front of the tube or beg for just five more minutes on the iPad.“That look on their faces – it’s panic-inducing. They look transfix...


Net goes nuts over dad's $200 'Facebook Deactivation' offer to daughter

Facebook Contract

A contract to stay off Facebook until the end of the school year isn’t the first pact Paul Baier made with his 14-year-old daughter, but it's his first parenting decision to go viral.


Kids are three clicks away from adult content on YouTube, study says

A child watching videos on YouTube is an average of three clicks away from potentially disturbing adult content, according to a recent study released by British digital security firm Kaspersky Lab.


Homeland Security worker charged with soliciting kids on Facebook

A 43-year-old Department of Homeland Security worker allegedly used Facebook to solicit more than 70 area children for sexual acts, according to authorities. Robert B. Rennie Jr., a Loudoun County resident, was charged Oct. 24 with five counts of using a computer to solicit a child under the age of 15, after a school resource officer was tipped off to suspicious activity on a Mercer Middle School student's Facebook page.


Offline parenting: Why some parents don't post anything about their kids


No baby photos in the status update, no "my kid said the cutest thing" tweets. Some parents are responding to concerns about privacy and safety by keeping their children's photos and stories offline, totally.


Fan Sites for Pop Stars Settle Children’s Privacy Charges

Selena Gomez Fansite

The operator of Web sites for Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and others agreed to pay a $1 million civil penalty to settle federal charges that it had illegally collected information about thousands of young children.


What To Do After Your Toddler Poured Water onto Your Laptop


My 2-year-old and her cousin thought my laptop needed some cleaning while I stepped out to run an errand. The door to my home office was closed, but not locked. When I got back, I was told that my nephew was pouring water with a small bucket onto my less-than-a-year-old ASUS Zenbook while my daughter did the wiping with a towel.

When my mom discovered what had happened, she immediately wiped as much of the water off the laptop as she could.


Web Sites Accused of Collecting Data on Children

A coalition of nearly 20 children’s advocacy, health and public interest groups plans to file complaints with the Federal Trade Commission on Wednesday, asserting that some online marketing to children by McDonald’s and four other well-known companies violates a federal law protecting children’s privacy.


How Machine-Based Tutoring Could Disrupt Human Tutors

... some machine-based tutoring is approaching the effect size of real human tutoring—and there is less variation than one might expect as the grain size of tutoring becomes finer. This finding is a startling observation.


‘Anonymous’ Releases IP Info for 190 Alleged Pedophiles

‘Anonymous’ Releases IP Info for 190 Alleged Pedophiles

Anonymous' forceful closure of more than 40 child pornography sites was apparently only the beginning of the group's war against pedophile activity on the internet. The group has continued its action by releasing the internet addresses of 190 alleged pedophiles online, using information collected from the sites it had earlier shut down.

Senh: Nice! Hackers doing good for the community.


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