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American teens getting early start on heart disease risk, survey says

Teens Heart Disease - LA Times

The proportion of American adolescents who exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet and are free of risk factors for future heart disease is "alarmingly low," says a major new survey of teen health.


Radiation Modestly Raises Women’s Heart Risks, Study Says

Radiation - NY Times

Researchers have found that the benefits to women of treating breast cancer with radiation outweigh the risks of heart disease.


Bedroom TVs boost kids' risk of fat, disease

TVs in Kids' Bedrooms

Kids who have TVs in their bedrooms are twice as likely to be fat and nearly three times as likely to be at risk for heart disease and diabetes as those who don’t, according to a new study that renews concerns about health and screen time.


Cancer now No. 1 killer of U.S. Hispanics

Cancer has surpassed heart disease to become the leading cause of death among Hispanics in the United States, according to an American Cancer Society report released Monday.


Breast cancer drug raises risk of heart problems in older women

The breast cancer drug Herceptin increases the risk of heart problems in elderly patients, especially those with a history of heart disease and/or ...


Baby boomers' worries might be misguided--top killer is heart disease, not cancer and Alzheimer's

Baby boomers—time for a health reality check. A new poll finds the generation worries most about cancer and memory loss.


Short people at higher risk of heart problems

Short people at higher risk of heart problems

Short people have a 50 percent higher risk of having a heart problem or dying from one, when compared to tall people, a new study says, though weight, blood pressure and smoking habits remain more important factors.


'Good fat' cuts heart risk by 20%

Replacing saturated fats with healthier options can cut the risk of heart disease by a fifth, a US study says.


Kids could suffer bone, heart damage later if lacking vitamin D

Kids could suffer bone, heart damage later if lacking vitamin D

Seven out of 10 children and young adults don't get enough vitamin D, which could increase their risk for bone and heart problems, ...


Meat-heavy diet linked to early death

People who eat large amounts of red meat and processed meats face a greater risk of premature death from heart disease and cancer, National Cancer Institute research shows. The large study of 545,000 American men and women, ages 50 to...


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