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Multivitamins fail to prevent heart problems


Dashing the hopes of those who hope to pop a pill to prevent heart disease, doctors announced Monday that daily multivitamins don't stave off cardiovascular problems, such as heart attacks, stroke or death.


Cop dies during 3-way sex; widow awarded $3 million

William Martinez

A jury in Gwinett County, Ga., has awarded $3 million to the widow of an Atlanta police officer who died while having three-way sex, finding that his doctor was negligent in not properly diagnosing and treating his heart condition.

Senh: Good for the widow. At least she's getting a good payday for her husband's cheating.


Well: For Some, Exercise May Increase Heart Risk


Could exercise actually be bad for some healthy people? A well-known group of researchers, including one who helped write the scientific paper justifying national guidelines that promote exercise for all, say the answer may be a qualified yes.


Popular Antibiotic May Raise Risk of Sudden Death

Azithromycin may be risky for adults with heart problems, a new study finds, by possibly causing abnormal, potentially fatal, heart rhythms.


Judge: John Edwards has life-threatening condition

A judge agrees to delay the campaign-finance trial of John Edwards after his attorney presented two letters detailing a life-threatening condition that will require surgery. A cardiologist for the 58-year-old ex-North Carolina Senator wrote two letters about his condition to Judge Catherine Eagles who talked about them Friday during a hearing to consider whether the trial would go on later this month. She delayed it until at least March 26.


Breast cancer drug raises risk of heart problems in older women

The breast cancer drug Herceptin increases the risk of heart problems in elderly patients, especially those with a history of heart disease and/or ...


J&J Heart Drug Provided Little Symptom Benefit

J&J Heart Drug Provided Little Symptom Benefit

Results of a long-awaited clinical trial show J&J's drug nesiritide provides limited relief from breathing problems for patients with acute heart failure.


Drummer 'stops breathing' at gig

The Charlatans drummer Jon Brookes "stopped breathing" during a gig in Philadelphia, before receiving treatment from a doctor attending the show.


Gloomy personality may up heart risk

Are you pessimistic, chronically worried and stressed-out, and ill at ease socially?


Former VP Dick Cheney gets new heart device

Former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney, who has a long history of heart problems, has had a new heart pump implanted to combat congestive heart failure, he said in a statement on Wednesday.


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