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US declines to label China currency manipulator

The Obama administration has declined to label China a currency manipulator, although it says China's currency remains significantly undervalued.


U.S. Files Trade Case Against China Over Cars

The Obama administration accused China of unfairly subsidizing its exports of autos and auto parts, while China filed its own trade case against the United States.


China gives muted response to U.S.-Taiwan arms deal

China’s foreign ministry spokesman said Monday that Beijing “firmly opposes” the Obama administration’s plans to upgrade Taiwan’s aging fleet of F-16 fighter jets, but the measured tone suggested Chinese leaders may want to avoid sparking a full-scale confrontation with Washington over the issue.


Japan nuclear crisis ebbing, U.S. experts say

Although the situation at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant is far from stabilized, evidence suggests that a complete meltdown is unlikely, Obama administration experts say. Meanwhile, a 7.1 aftershock rattles Japan, killing two and injuring more than 130.


US-Vietnam nuke deal will likely allow enrichment

The Obama administration has told U.S. lawmakers that a nuclear cooperation deal with Vietnam is unlikely to include a coveted promise by the Hanoi government not to enrich uranium, congressional aides say.


U.S. Objects to China’s Web Filtering

The Obama administration lodged a formal protest with the Chinese government over its plan to force all computers sold in China to come with software that blocks access to certain Web sites.


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