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Canadian killer caught in Germany

Internet Cafe in Berlin

A Canadian porn actor suspected of murdering and dismembering a Chinese student and mailing his body parts to Canada's top political parties was reading about himself on the Internet when he was arrested Monday at a cafe in Berlin.


Kenyan sets marathon world record

Kenya's Patrick Makau set a new world record for the marathon in Berlin Sunday as previous record holder Haile Gebrselassie of Ethiopia failed to finish.


Driverless car navigates Berlin streets

Driverless car navigates Berlin streets

It can talk, see, drive and no longer needs a human being to control it by remote. The car of the future — completely computer-controlled — is on the streets of Berlin. All summer, researchers from the city's Free University have been testing the automobile around the German capital.


German airports reopening as ash cloud dissipates

German airports reopening as ash cloud dissipates

Meanwhile, some German airports were reopened Wednesday after cancellations due to the cloud of volcanic ash. Bremen has reopened and Hamburg is allowing takeoffs and landings, according to Deutsche Flugsicherung, the German aviation safety agency. Airports in Berlin will resume flights at 2 p.m. local time ( 8 a.m. ET).


Rare transplant may have cured man of AIDS

Rare transplant may have cured man of AIDS

A very unusual blood transplant appears to have cured an American man living in Berlin of infection with the AIDS virus, but doctors say the approach is not practical for wide use.


Suspect package found at Merkel's office

German police found a suspicious package in the post at Chancellor Angela Merkel's office in Berlin on Tuesday, a government spokesman said.


How does Samsung's Galaxy Tab compare?

Tablet computers to rival Apple's iPad are creating a stir as one of Europe's largest technology shows, the IFA, gets under way in Berlin.

Senh: It's interesting that the editor of Gizmodo on the video thinks that tablet computers are completely unnecessary if you've already have a smartphone and a laptop. Blame Steve Jobs. He's created a completely new market for tablet computers. I tend to agree with her. I have an HD2 and doesn't feel the need for an iPad, but I've heard of many people who has converted. Samsung's Galaxy Tab is only 7" compared to the 10" iPad. Since it's running Android which supports Flash, it's a great alternative to the iPad.


Tyson Gay upsets Usain Bolt in 100 meters at DN Galan meet

It turns out Usain Bolt can be beaten. From Beijing to Berlin, it seemed that Bolt and his long, turbocharged strides were more ...


World War II bomb shuts down Berlin airport

German authorities have shut down Berlin's main international airport after construction workers discovered a World War II bomb there.


Buyers sweet on 'Honey'

"Honey" by Semih Kaplanoglu, which won the Golden Bear for best film at the Berlin International Film Festival on Saturday, has closed deals for several major territories.


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