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Netflix Adds Cartoons


Netflix signed deals with two Time Warner units to license a range of cartoons and other programming for its online video-streaming service.


Is ‘Cul de Sac’ creator Richard Thompson the last, best hope for the American comics page?

Is ‘Cul de Sac’ creator Richard Thompson the last, best hope for the American comics page?

On May 28 in Boston, Thompson will learn whether he has won the National Cartoonists Society’s Reuben Award for cartoonist of the year. It is his second straight nomination for a strip that was syndicated almost four years ago. “Cul de Sac” is carried by nearly 150 newspapers, including The Washington Post, where it began. It has spawned four books, a handful of animated shorts — and legions of fans.


Creator of TV cartoon Rocky and Bullwinkle dies

Pioneering TV cartoon artist Alexander Anderson Jr., who created Rocky the flying squirrel and Bullwinkle the moose, has died. He was 90.


Voltron is Looking for a Writer

In an article at The Hollywood Reporter talking about how UTA is taking on Voltron and its U.S. rights-holder World Events Prods. as clients, the trade gives an update on the movie.


He-Man finds new home at Sony

He-Man finds new home at Sony

Studio finalizing deal for bigscreen adaptation -- He-Man and the Masters of the Universe have found a new home at Sony.


'King of the Hill': We'll miss it!

Josh Wolk on a TV classic; share top moments here, see a special goodbye in this week's EW magazine.


"Voltron" Film Finally Makes Progress

After years of lounging in development, a live-action feature based on the classic 80's cartoon series "Voltron" is in the works at Atlas Entertainment says The Risky Biz Blog.

The series featured a band of five robot-lions who combined to form one super lion. A group of five pilots control the lions, which are charged with defending the planet Arus from villain King Zarkon, who dispatches evil creatures called Robobeats to fight the Voltron robots.


Offensive Obama E-Mail Causes Stir in State Senate

An e-mail featuring a picture of two cartoon eyeballs set against a black background and meant to depict President Obama landed a Republican Tennessee state Senate aide in hot water, but not on the unemployment line.


Cartoons 'could help spot autism'

Cartoons 'could help spot autism'

Babies usually start paying attention to movement soon after birth, and pick up information from the cues they see but children with autism often do not.


A 4th Mad Max Is On Its Way. As A Cartoon.

If you were wondering what the status or possibility was of a 4th Mad Max movie, then I have to tell you something: you are the only one wondering. Well, you and George Miller, who still wants to bring a 4th Mad Max tale to the big screen, but in a format that's quite a bit different than the previous Max movies:


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