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Duncan Jones Set to Direct 'World of Warcraft'

World of Warcraft

It looked like it was dead in the water last summer when Sam Raimi departed for Oz the Great and Powerful, but Legendary's long-gestating World of Warcraft adaptation is apparently still in development -- in fact, now it has a brand new director in the form of Moon and Source Code helmer Duncan Jones.


'Angry Birds' Movie Moves Forward With 'Despicable Me' Producer John Cohen

Angry Birds

Angry Birds is probably pretty low on the list of video games people want to see turned into a movie, but that's not stopping Rovio Entertainment, the company behind the popular video game, from attempting to do so.


New 'Man of Steel' Trailer Features Neither Birds Nor Planes

Man of Steel

Up, up, and away! Zack Snyder faced an uphill battle with Man of Steel -- Superman really hasn't been a hot cinematic property since Richard Pryor made us line up for Superman III -- but this new trailer makes it look like he's ready to atone for his Sucker Punch sins with a movie that, against all odds, makes Superman super again.


Underwood to play Maria in 'Sound of Music'

Carrie Underwood

The singer will star in the coveted role of Maria von Trapp in NBC’s live broadcast of “The Sound of Music,” based on the original Broadway musical, the network announced on Friday.


Marvel Testing Actors to Lead 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

Guardians of the Galaxy

With the movie scheduled to come out on August 1, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy is starting to cast up. First up is the role of Peter Quill aka Star-Lord, a half-human-half-alien space policeman who leads a rag-tagged group of super-powered beings against threats to the galaxy.


'Life of Pi' a huge gamble for 20th Century Fox

Life of Pi

The movie is sophisticated, not based on a comic book and a tough sell. Still, the studio hopes to defy all odds with Ang Lee's $120-million film about a boy, a tiger and a lifeboat. Many people in Hollywood considered "Life of Pi" to be unfilmable. Now that it's about to hit theaters Wednesday, there's a new question: Can it be profitable?

Senh: This sounds and looks like a very expensive indie. Ang Lee tends to do better when he's not making big budget movies.


New 'Peanuts' Movie in the Works at Fox

Charlie Brown

In the wake of successful cinematic revivals for the Muppets, Winnie the Pooh, the Smurfs, the Chipmunks, and Yogi Bear, 20th Century Fox has announced plans for a new big-screen Peanuts feature.


Trailer: Bullets, Horses, and Trains in 'The Lone Ranger'

The Lone Ranger

Principal photography for The Lone Ranger was completed recently, but it was not without problems. The shoot was beset by violent dust storms, budget overruns, and even a death on the set. We're curious to see how this $250+ million movie turned out, and we can get our first glimpse of the movie in the trailer below.


Eddie Murphy Bringing ‘Beverly Hills Cop' To TV

Eddie Murphy is reportedly in talks to produce a TV show based on his successful film franchise “Beverly Hills Cop,” although he would not star in the series.


'World of Warcraft' Loses Sam Raimi But Gains New Writer

World of Warcraft

According to Variety, Charles Leavitt is the latest screenwriter to give the script for the long-gestating World of Warcraft movie a pass. The project is set up at Legendary Pictures, and apparently, the production company is “sparked” by Leavitt's take on the movie.


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